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Celebrating Friendship’s Day

Friendship is the most the purest form of expression in one’s life. The foundation of which is already predestined just like our other precious relationships.

Embrace The Change

The wait is finally over and we are thrilled to announce the changes in 123Greetings Studio’s Incentive Plans – Reward Plan and Payment Plan. So

Sebastien Mercier

Sebastien Mercier aka Coeur – the rising star of Studio has gained immense popularity over a short span of time on the website. Sebastien hails

How To Write The Perfect Card Message

We are thrilled to present a tutorial written by our very own Gloria Williams – popularly known as RedHeadsRule. This is her debut on 123Greetings Studio


Moumita Sarkar, also known as Simpydesigns on 123Greetings Studio, has made a unique place for herself on the website. As a homemaker, she has found

Paul Solomons

Paul Solomons, also known as Daftoons on 123Greetings Studio, is a freelance cartoonist and flash animator by profession. A resident of North West, London, his