Trending Ecards For Halloween 2014, By 123Greetings Studio Visualizers

To surprise you with some spooky fun, we bring forward 3 trending Halloween ecards. Here are the horror insights for you!

These ecards are have been selected based on their conversion also known as their send/ view ratio, in 2014 and also to highlight the performance of different types of ecards. This data ideally shows how many people viewed the ecard and out of which how many chose to send it. It is the most important metric to assess users’ likability towards the card.

1) Halloween Haunted House ecard by Ashupatodia. It has a staggering 69% conversion!

Haunted House Ecard by Ashupatodia

Ashu’s latest Halloween ecard has instantly hit the chords with the audience. Uploaded in the Haunted House section, this card magnifies the horror element. The clean crisp visuals and vibrant colors are the forte of this card. The strength lies in detailing. The house slowly reveals its haunted side, the skeleton appears hanging from the tree while the autumn leaves and rubble and the lit pumpkins add to the glory of the ecard.

2) Witches ecard by Bebestarr. It has a 25% conversion.

Halloween, Witches Ecard by Bebestarr

This is a simple postcard but has won viewers’ hearts through its witty message which is apt for the Witches sub-category. This card defines that simplicity is no barrier to having your work appreciated. The key is to connect with the audience.

3) Witches ecard by Kevtooth. It has a conversion of 20%.

Halloween, Witches Ecard by Kevtooth

This video ecard is gaining popularity because of its spine-chilling witchy message. This remains as one of the evergreen cards that always appeals to users because it inculcates the holiday essence. It talks about trick-or-treat, which is an important part of Halloween. The humor favors the card.

Halloween is still a few days away and any card has the potential to become the favorite of this year. The trick lies in understanding user preferences and modifying cards to suit their tastes. Essentially cards must capture the flavor of the event and the designs and card messages must appeal aesthetically and culturally to the target audience.