Embrace The Change

Embrace The Change

The wait is finally over and we are thrilled to announce the changes in 123Greetings Studio’s Incentive Plans – Reward Plan and Payment Plan.

So let’s keep it simple and jump straight at the changes that are applicable from October 1, 2015.

Reward Plan:

To qualify for the rewards, cards uploaded must achieve minimum 2,500 unique card sends from US + Canada in a reward month during the existence of Reward Plan. Any number of visualizers meeting this criterion will be eligible to win $500 each. This is a one time reward which you can win only once. Previous reward plan winners are not eligible for this.

Please read through other details here.

After winning a reward the visualizer may be invited to be part of the Payment Plan if their portfolio conversion is above 20%.


  • Easier to win a reward and then move on to the Payment Plan
  • Shorter turnaround to win the Reward Plan
  • All who meet 2,500 US+CA sends are eligible to receive the award; so it is not restricted to one winner.

Payment Plan: 

The changes listed below are applicable to existing visualizers as well as new ones who enroll in the Payment Plan.

Criteria for payment:

  • Earnings are calculated @$10 for every 1,000 card sends by Unique Senders from North America (US and Canada)
  • and @$5 for every 1,000 card sends from other countries (Rest of the World – ROW)
  • Cards will be eligible for payment for a period of 5 years (instead of 2 years) from the date of making the card live after the Signup or opting-in of the Reward Plan.

For further details please read the Studio Wiki and the FAQs here.


  • Hike in earnings.

 For example a card was sent by 20,000 people out of whom 10,000 were from North America. Your previous earnings were $100. Your ongoing earning would now be $100+$50 = $150. This results in an increase in earnings by 50%. When you get paid 50% more each month your accumulative earnings are much higher over a longer duration.

  • Get paid on sends on all events – so you are not solely dependent on US events for the big earnings.
  • Population in Rest of the World is higher which will lead to high earnings through card sends from ROW
  • Validity of cards have increased which means that you continue to reap benefits for a longer time

To sum it all up now you can – Easily win the reward plan now, increase earnings in Payment Plan.  Earn more through Refer a friend program and Contests and enjoy uploading for new events as well as events celebrated all over the world.

These changes are a step forward to provide for your needs and to add more value to your work. Having said this, the quality continues to remain our key focus and as a visualizer you must continuously challenge yourself and strive to please users in varied ways.

Make use of these opportunities to further grow on Studio and continue to have lots more fun!

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