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Libra Birthdays!

October is here and so is the time for festivals but one thing which is constant throughout the year is Birthday. Happy Birthday October babies!


The birthday contest results are here and we are excited to announce the winners! We were truly overwhelmed with the passion and spirit all Studioators

Birthdays With A Bang!

Hello Studioators! We are back with another contest and this time it’s for a fun general category – Birthday! We have mainly done event-based contests

A little Birthday Banter

No matter who you are, how old you are or what you do. Birthdays are always a reason to feel happy, be special and give

December Birthdays!

This is the Season, Happy Birthday to all the December Babies! Ambitious, reliable and with an unshakable love for freedom, individuals born during this Month

Paul Solomons

Paul Solomons, also known as Daftoons on 123Greetings Studio, is a freelance cartoonist and flash animator by profession. A resident of North West, London, his