Libra Birthdays!

October is here and so is the time for festivals but one thing which is constant throughout the year is Birthday. Happy Birthday October babies! Gentle, kind and lovers of beauty and harmony. Libra Birthdays are always a one to remember.

As you all know well, you share your birthday month with a ton of religious holidays such as Candy Corn Day and Halloween. It’s like the whole month is lit up in your honor wherein you build a solid foundation for yourself and use that to create an empire for all your enterprising pursuits. With magic in the air with a hint of pumpkin spice your Birthday Month is always worth remembering.

The birthstone of Libra is the Opal, which represents faithfulness and confidence. Alongside the birthstone, the signs associated with Libra are Gemini, which is characterized as clever, expressive and quick-witted. They will make a great team when paired together. Libras are always a romantic person so gelling up with their counterpart is easy for them.

Although it has started to be a little cold outside, may you stay warm and happy on your birthday with some spicy latte and hot pumpkin pies throughout this festive season! We wish you to have a blissful year

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Did you already know these Libra Birthday fun facts? Who do you share your birthday with? Tell us in the comments down below!

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