For The Love Of Dad…

Some superheroes don’t have capes they are called DAD. It’s time to celebrate the real life SUPERHERO in our lives!

We love the cards you have given us so far, however we have noticed that most of the cards have been uploaded only in the subcategories of Happy Father’s Day and Thank You.

We have also been receiving tons of requests from our users for cards in subcategories like For Your Son, Husband, Miss You, Grandfather and Fun and would urge you explore these and other subcategories.

Use this opportunity to create some pun-tastic, endearing and winning ecards to increase your card sends, earnings and connect users to their fathers through your unique style and imagination.

Read on to learn more about the various subcategories.

  • Husband: From a wonderful husband to a fantastic father. Seeing her better half love their children is the most endearing sight for a mother. Supporting their working wives, men are now more hands on with the kids and this should be appreciated. Create some loving cards which a wife can send to her husband and thank him for being there. Design some humorous cards dedicating this special day to her spouse, where he’s allowed to not do any household chores for a day!
  • Near & Dear Ones: They might not be your legit father, but have been a fatherly figure to you and have loved you and spoilt you as much if not more. They can be an uncle, granddad or brother, don’t forget to acknowledge their presence and make their day as wonderful with some specially crafted cards to wish them on this day.
  • For Your Son: It only felt like yesterday when he was placed in your arms and today he is a father already! The ultimate happiness of seeing your son blossom into a loving and responsible father is truly overwhelming. Nostalgia dives in and reminds you of his childhood and the things you as a parent did with him. Capture these sentiments and create cards from a father to his son and a mother to his son to let him know that he is a great dad! Don’t forget to create some warm cards for son-in-laws too as they are the father to your grandchildren and also for new dads who have just taken their first step into fatherhood and need plenty of love and blessings.
  • Fun: Let’s make this day unforgettable for dads by creating some cards which reflect and showcase all the fun moments with him. Whether it’s breaking all the rules set by mom, playing prank on each other (or the rest of the family), polishing off a hearty meal, fishing, camping, binge watch or slouching on the couch. Dad is someone you laugh with so look back at your childhood and paint your fun moments with dad on some ecards for our users to share.
  • From Daddy’s Girl: You may find your prince someday but your daddy will always be your king and your first man. Fathers are known to spoil daughters rotten, be overly protective about them and easily give in to their tantrums. Return the love today, pamper fathers with cards depicting this lovely father-daughter bond, let him know that wherever you go in life, you will always be his little girl.
  • From Father’s Son: Like father, like son. A small phrase, yet it packs in so much emotion. Sons are ever grateful to their dads for shaping their character so well and making them strong to take everything in their stride just like they have been doing all these years. Sons look up to their fathers and have utmost respect for them. However sons aren’t all that expressive and often their deep emotions go unsaid. Help all the sons out there to wish their dads an awesome day as awesome as them.
  • Friends: Been there, done that. Design cards wishing friends who are dads, you empathize with them as you do on all occasions. Depict the highs and lows of fatherhood to create cards that will make the recipient laugh out loud.
  • Special Dad: This section is dedicated to single dads/stepdads/foster dads. Make them feel appreciated and loved. They played a huge role in shaping you to be the person you are today. Help users wish these special dads lots of joy and celebrate this special bond.
  • Miss You: Fathers often have to stay away from home for work and especially if they are in the services. His absence on a day-to-day basis and on special occasions is truly felt. Help users reach out to their dads and bridge the distance by some virtual love imbibed in your cards.
  • Grandfather: Grandfathers have silver in their hair and gold in their hearts. They are our friend and confidant and save us when we are in trouble with our parents. We are the apple of his eyes and his large enveloping hugs makes our day all the better. Let’s appreciate this man for loving us so much by designing some grand and adorable cards for him.

Pheww! Now that was a lot of reading. But we hope it helped you get your creative bugs active and start thinking on some really cool cards for daddy dearest!

Happy designing!

Wish you all have a great new month at Studio.