5 Tips On Creating The Perfect Holi Ecard


Holi is an Indian spring festival, known as a day for playing with colors and merriment. Celebrated by the Indian diaspora worldwide, in recent years the festival has spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic and colors. Hence, it is indeed an opportunity to increase card sends and capitalize on the earnings by increasing ROW sends.

Here, are some tips to help you produce some great ecards for your users.

Design elements: The elements for Holi would be colored powder, water balloons, water guns and buckets of colored water. Drums are also played to create an infective energy and an atmosphere of enjoyment. Family and friends drench each other with colors and throw water balloons at each other. Dancing and singing add to the revelry. Since there aren’t many elements, there is a little room for experimentation but we would love to see how you use the elements and come up with creative and visually appealing cards. All these elements can be incorporated with the concept of the card and used to send out celebratory wishes to family, friends and loved ones.

Colors: The festival of colors gives you the freedom to experiment with plenty of colors in your cards. Use your imagination to display different shades of colors in different ways. Bright primary colors would be preferred over dull pastel shades. Red is considered the most auspicious color of the occasion. Black or white should not be used at all for backgrounds, except for the text. Stick to clean bold fonts which will standout against colorful backgrounds.

Emotions: The target audiences in this case are family, friends and loved ones to whom users want to send wishes. The idea is to share joy and good wishes for the holiday. Some may also want to send across messages to their loved ones or thank someone for their warm Holi wishes or send a fun message to their friends. Messages should cater to these emotions.

Music: Needless to say the music should suit the type of festival – traditional Indian music or peppy dance music with drumbeats would be ideal for your cards.

Overall presentation: If the card is a postcard, then a single image with crisp and attractive message would work well. If the card is a flash or a video, then try out some exclusive animation. Play around with the design elements. For example, color water balloons bursting on the card background, or characters throwing colors at each other and using the water guns can become popular. Elements such as card design and music is important but the key is to understand the sender-receiver relationship and address their needs in the card.

Spray your creativity, throw in the colors and let your cards do the talking! Make this Holi a special one for your users. It is a great opportunity to prove your caliber as a visualizer and to display an understanding of human expressions and design techniques. It will also help diversify your portfolio and attract a large user base.

Hope you all have a fun-filled and Happy Holi!

How do you plan to celebrate Holi this year? Tell us in the comments!

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