Editor’s Pick For St Patrick’s Day 2016


We bring to you some out-of-the-box designs for St Patrick’s Day 2016 ecards by 123Greetings Studio Visualizers. These creative folks have put together some brilliant ecards that would surpass expectations and create a mass appeal.

St Patrick’s Day > Wishes ecard by Jothi

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St Patrick’s Day ecard by Jothi

All elements of the festival combined with a simple yet striking animation and an effective message makes this the perfect card to send out to your family and friends. Choice of music contributes to the festive spirit.

St Patrick’s Day > Irish Blessings ecard by bebestarr

bebestarr card

St Patrick’s Day ecard by bebestarr

Along with wishes don’t forget to send Irish Blessings. The above postcard by bebestarr is not only visually appealing but has a soothing St Patrick’s music in the background.

St Patrick’s Day > Irish Blessings ecard by vsilverline23k

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St Patrick’s Day ecard by Vsilverline23k

Yet another striking and wonderful Irish blessings ecard. We love the background in contrast to all the other elements of the card. Striking fonts and a crisp, ‘me to you message’, is the USP of the card.

St Patrick’s Day > Wishes ecard by SanqunettiDesig

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St Patrick’s Day ecard by SanqunettiDesig

This cute and adorable ecard is sure to melt your hearts and make you send it right away to your loved ones. A clean visual and an eye-catching font is what made us pick this one.

St Patrick’s Day > Celebrations ecard by hopskip

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St Patrick’s Day ecard by hopskip

A day for fun, celebrations and merriment, St. Patrick’s Day is popular for green beer and loved ones getting together. This card by hopskip exemplifies the feeling and calls out to your friends for a big celebration. The funky background and casual font make it an uber-cool card and is one of our favorite postcards.

St Patrick’s Day > Love ecard by Andrea1014

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St Patrick’s Day ecard by Andrea1014

Andrea1014’s postcard captures the true spirit of St Patrick’s Day with its cute four leaf clover love ecard. It simply expresses how lucky you are to be with your partner without being overtly mushy.

All the above cards are different from one another and cater to many users. We would like to thank all our Studio visualizers for all the hard work and thought they have put in to make such amazing and noteworthy cards. We received many more remarkable cards in various sub-categories and we thank each one of you for giving us such great ecards. Here’s a ‘big hurrah’ for all the efforts you put in.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all you people out there!

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