Ecards For New October Events

Hello fellas!

Let me tell you it’s starting to get very exciting around here with changes  in 123Greetings Studio‘s incentive plans, buzzing around. We have a lot more to reveal to you, but at the right time. For now here are some new events being added in October so you can get started. All four are global events and it would be in your best interest to create content for global events (there, just gave you a hint).

1) Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in women in the U.S. The ecards in this section are meant to spread awareness about breast Cancer and the importance of early Cancer detection. These cards can also be used to send wishes for good health.

2) Cookie Month:

Now this is a yummilicious event. Who doesn’t want to share some choc hip or banana walnut fun? Also a cool way to ask someone out on a cookie date!

3) Gandhi Jayanti, Oct 2:

This holiday is celebrated in India to mark the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. This celebrated gentleman was instrumental in gaining freedom for the country and is well known for his wise words around the world. Cards in this section can be sent to celebrate the day or to share his quotes with friends.

4) World Students’ Day, Oct 15:

The United Nations declared Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday as World Students’ Day to honor his love for teaching and his emphasis on education. His contributions are valued world over and his sad demise this year can be remembered on this special day to spread his teachings and work as inspirational cards.

So get going on these new cool events and we add some more in the coming months too. Like we said you will benefit from global sends this time around! I promise next week we’ll reveal all the changes in the incentive plans. So keep that enthusiasm going and get set for a double whammy!