Refer A Friend Program

Refer a Friend Program

As announced earlier we will be introducing some cool changes to our incentive plans, namely the Reward Plan and Payment Plan.

We are ready to reveal the first change valid from 1st September 2015. As an exclusive benefit to Payment Plan visualizers we are excited to introduce the “Refer a Friend Program”. This is a win-win situation for both parties. The referral gets the guidance to meet goals while the referee enjoys being a mentor and being rewarded. The best part of it all – you are not limited to one referral but can refer as many friends as you seem fit!

What does this include?

Refer your friend to sign up at 123Greetings Studio as a visualizer and contribute content to the website. When your friend wins the Reward Plan you get rewarded with $100!!! It’s as simple as that.

A simple email to your relationship manager, confirming that you have referred (visualizer’s username) will suffice. The same will then be confirmed with the referral. Then all you need to do is guide your friend and share your expertise on Studio so that he/she can win the Reward Plan. In return, as a thank you for your efforts, we pay you $100. Isn’t that cool?

The idea behind this plan is to foster a mentor-mentee relationship between visualizers and to encourage knowledge sharing between experts and novice visualizers. To acquire talented visualizers who represent us as a team and who better to recruit them than the ones who are so familiar with our culture and plans? This will also develop a sense of belonging and a desire to be a part of 123Greetings Studio.


Only one: Not valid to refer visualizers (currently enrolled or past members) in Payment Plan or who have won the Reward Plan in the past.

This only the beginning. We will be introducing other changes very soon. So do leave feedback and keep guessing!

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