Fun Facts and Popular Halloween Ecards

Halloween originated in Ireland but is now celebrated across the world, especially in USA and Canada. Halloween is associated with everything spooky. It is a day when dead spirits are believed to pay visits to people’s homes. Halloween was born as a fusion of various cultural beliefs and traditions. In modern age kids dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. Halloween, however, is not a children’s holiday. It is considered as the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas in USA. Consumer spending on Halloween has substantially increased over the years as people spend elaborately on decorations, candies and costumes. Halloween parties are ever so popular and Jack-o’-lanterns and candy corn remain essential celebratory elements.

For ecards it is important to pack up all these elements and allow users to enjoy the holiday virtually. Halloween is one of the most popular card-sending holidays on USA contributes to over 65% of the total Halloween card sends from the website. Happy Halloween and Haunted House are the most popular sub-categories. Other sub-categories receive more targeted views and hence receive high sends. Hence it is important that cards are uploaded in the relevant sub-categories.

Our users have loved the cards created by 123Greetings Studio visualizers that have elevated the ecard viewing experience. The most popular Studio Halloween card since last year is the Magical Halloween’ ecard by Simpydesigns. It has a send/ view ratio of a stunning 59%!

Halloween ecard by Simpydesigns
Halloween ecard by Simpydesigns

When asked about the concept of her ecard, Simpydesigns says, “to maintain the essence of the holiday, I wanted to make the card magical and a bit nostalgic. I animated the house to be lit up and decorated it with Halloween elements all around. It is also important to heighten the thrill of the card by adding suitable music. already has many amazing cards with scary music, so I deliberately added a musical tune in the card. I used a lullaby from a music box to make it sleepy yet magical.”

Some other helpful information for Halloween ecards:

• Orange and black are considered Halloween colors because orange is associated with the fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death.
• The owl is a popular Halloween image.
• Witches on broomstick, scary carved pumpkins called jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts and black cats are closely associated with Halloween.
• Costume parties are also very popular in the US and hence scary characters such as vampires have become a part of this frightening holiday.

With a wide choice of elements to choose from and some creative skills any card can be made fun and scary! So happy haunting!

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