Ecards For Upcoming Events

October marks the beginning of the festive period. It starts with the Canadian Thanksgiving and then sees Halloween which is one of the biggest commercial holidays in the US. Halloween then paves way for colder weather which brings in Thanksgiving, one of the biggest American holidays, and before you realize it’s almost Christmas and Season’s Greetings are being rapidly exchanged. It sure does get busy!

However festivity is not only limited to the western part of the World. October will be a month of lights and celebrations in India as it celebrates one of its biggest festivals of the year, ‘Diwali’.

October also gets busy at as users get engrossed in card-sending. 65% of all cards sent for Halloween originate from USA. Virtual monsters and spooky witches spread horror on the website. But the horror is not limited to Halloween. There is another frightening day that is celebrated on October 16, for another kind of evil (just kidding!). It is Boss’s Day! Based on’s internal data Americans love their bosses more than people from other geographies as over 88% of the total cards sent on Boss’s Day are from USA. Well isn’t that sweet? No, not enough because just two days later is Sweetest Day, on October 18, for all things sweet. Love tops the charts for this holiday, as it is after all, the first sweet thing that comes to mind.

Diwali despite being an Indian event does have a fair send-ability from USA owing to the large Indian population residing there. Moreover we think it is an important holiday as it sees a huge card-sending from a country that is popular for its arts and traditions. This is a great opportunity to showcase your diverse talent to the world, where you are not restricted by geography, and build a global fan following.

Upcoming Events in October
Upcoming Events in October

So to ensure that you’re on track to have fun on 123Greetings Studio, this is what you should do:-

1) Plan early
2) Research on holidays
3) Get the card elements right – there is huge diversity in these events so your cards must cater to the target audience’ tastes.
4) Upload in different sub-categories – Yes there is an opportunity to spook people with flying witches but guess what, they fit better in the witches sub-category and not necessarily Happy Halloween. Similarly Halloween candies are better suited for Trick-or Treat and if you are an expert at crafting pumpkins Jack-o’-Lantern is your best bet.
5) Upload cards 30 days in advance – Yes no matter what you think but this is the ideal time for your cards to perform and mature on the website. Cramming in cards last minute won’t help!
6) Sit back, relax and let the users do all the talking!

So this month will be dedicated to these fun events and we’ll keep you posted with fun facts, guidelines and popular cards for these upcoming events. So stay tuned!