Tips and Popular Diwali Ecards

Diwali is one of the biggest Indian festivals and the most important one for Hindus. Owing to a large Indian population living worldwide, Diwali is celebrated with much enthusiasm in many countries including Singapore, Britain, USA, Malaysia and Australia. In fact Singapore being a multi-cultural country considers Diwali as a public holiday!

It is the festival of lights as bright and beautiful clay lamps (diyas) and candles adorn the houses and fireworks adorn the skies. On Diwali, Hindus worship Gods and Goddesses and send wishes to friends, family and colleagues.

Over 500,000 ecards are sent from on Diwali, thus including it in the top 10 events for card-sending. Elements such as card design and music is important but the key is to understand the sender-receiver relationship and address their needs in the card. Jothi has been most successful in doing so as the most popular cards from three different sub-categories, last year, were made by her.

1) Happy Diwali ecard by Jothi. This had a send/view ratio of 38%

Happy Diwali ecard by Jothi

The card message captures the essence of the festival and mentions key points such as the victory of good over evil and passes on holiday wishes.

2) Diwali>Diyas, ecard by Jothi. This had a send/view ratio of 31%

Diwali Diyas ecard by Jothi

The message in this ecard expresses what the lamp symbolizes and the key meaning of the festival.

3) Diwali>Family, ecard by Jothi. This had a send/ view ratio of 40%

Diwali Family ecard by Jothi

This is a simple card yet what appeals most to users is the touching card message. The message is apt for the family sub-category and hence the send/view ratio is the highest as it appeals to the target audience looking for cards to send to family members.

Jothi has made smart choices by making use of different sub-categories to upload cards in and to entice users looking for specific content.

Though Diwali is a geographically specific event it is a great opportunity to prove your caliber as a visualizer and to display an understanding of human expressions and design techniques. It will also help diversify your portfolio and attract a large user base.

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