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February, the month of Love. That time of the year when Love is celebrated in all its glory, in every shape and form. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of one of the most beautiful emotions – love. A love that isn’t restricted to only romantic love. On this day, people shower their friends and family with special gifts, flowers and find ways to spend quality time together too. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day is known as Valentine’s week or the “week of love” and each day is dedicated to a specific element of love. Here we talk about the different days that make up the most romantic week of the year, to inspire you to create fantastic cards for our users!

Rose Day – 7th of February

Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day. Nothing says “I Love You” as openly as a bouquet of red roses. Create cards that explore the different forms of love too with the different colors of Roses. While red is strictly romantic love, yellow roses symbolize friendship and pink ones are indicative of a growing love. Be creative in with your cards so our users have a selection of elegant virtual roses to choose from on this floral day.

Propose Day – 8th of February

The second day of this love filled week is Propose Day, or the day that our users profess their love to their dearest. Our users will be looking for mushy, sentimental cards that showcase just how much someone means to them. Themed cards depicting a proposal complete with the romantic declaration would be perfect to send out on this day.

Chocolate Day – 9th of February

Who doesn’t love chocolate! Chocolate Day is celebrated on 9th February and is dedicated entirely to sweet treats of the cocoa variety – the only thing sweeter than love – Chocolate! Delicious cards with tasty treats are sure to sweeten anyone’s day so keep it yummy.

Teddy Bear Day – 10th of February

After the sugary overload, it is time for cuteness! Teddy Bear Day highlights everyone’s favorite stuffed toy and brings cuddles galore to everyone’s day. A fluffy, soft teddy bear is the perfect night-time snuggle toy to hold on to and your cards could capitalize on this element of this adorable day.

Promise Day – 11th of February

Love comes with responsibility, commitment and promises. Celebrated on February 11, Promise Day symbolizes the trust that makes any relationship. Sealed by this pledge of love, it is a day to communicate your commitment to your partner. Meaningful and heartfelt cards for our users to make their loved ones feel special will be popular. Cards reiterating love and faithfulness on this day through soft and romantic imagery are sure to be well liked.

Hug Day – 12th of February

A warm, comfortable hug from your loved ones will make you forget all your problems and Hug Day is a day filled with this emotion. Create cards that are reassuring with a comforting squeeze or depicting a tight, bone crushing hug to let our recipients know they are loved. This expression of affection, care and protection is one that brings that heady special feeling. Capture this emotion in your cards to give our users cards they will send out today and on other days!

Kiss Day – 13th of February

Predictably the most popular day of this week, Kiss Day celebrates the moments between couples. Warm and passionate cards will make someone feel loved and cared for with the gift of a gentle, loving kiss. The day gives lovers an opportunity to express their love by sharing a passionate kiss too. Let your cards explore stolen kisses that are all so special for every couple or even that special kiss on the forehead that lets someone know just how precious that are to you. Get creative so our users can express this intense emotion with grace and love.

That brings us to the biggest Day of Love in the year, Valentine’s Day. All the above rolled into one, giving you many different angles and elements to play with to create that unique card that will just strike a chord with our users. Add love songs or even classic sentimental poetry to make your card stand out. Don’t forget to address the fun angle that are the bedrock of any successful relationship.

Check out the Valentine’s Day contest that is currently running and make sure you add a few cards to different sub-categories to ensure your cards get adequate visibility.

With all our love, here at Studio, Happy February!

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