Happy Friendship Day

Friends are the family we choose. Friendship is all about the million things which make so much room in our heart for our dear friends.

Friendship refreshes our soul and makes life better. So this Friendship Day, let’s make the experience of sending out cards more enjoyable for our users as they reach out to friends, old and new.

While we receive a lot of cards for the sub-categories Happy Friendship Day and Thank You, we would love for you to brainstorm and create some crazy, sweet, memorable and exclusive cards for the categories below.

  • Best Friends: You know you have a best friend by your side when you believe in each other aggressively, defend each other and think the other deserves the world. They are the sister/ brother you get to choose in this lifetime. They are your go to person at all times and are the ones who have lived all the good and bad experiences with you. Help users convey to their besties how lucky they are to have them in their life with some personalized ecards. Cards under this category can range from poking fun to reminiscing special moments, from thoughtful to light hearted content.
  • Friends Forever: Forever friends are hard to find and you are truly blessed even if you have even one of them. You know that they have always been and will be there for a lifetime. You can count on them for anything and everything! Create some cards which will help users express to these friends on Friendship Day that they are thankful for their presence and they too are going to be there for them through thick and thin. Try experimenting here and depicting friends forever in a cute yet quirky way.
  • Friendship Band: This is a sub-category which has very few cards, hence it is an opportunity for you to show your creativity and design some innovative cards for the section. Colorful friendship bands with a message on it can be the main element of your card. Think out of the box and show us how imaginative you can be.
  • Fun: Endless gossip, shopping sprees, infinite gaming sessions, unforgettable nights, movie marathons, laughing till it hurts, sleepovers, adventurous holidays and polishing off one large pizza in seconds is double the fun when it’s with your dear buddy. Imbibe these crazy moments to bring out the essence of friendship in your cards.
  • Miss You: Friends might be separated by distance but never in heart. Cherished memories and strong bond is what keeps the friendship strong. Help users connect with far away friends and bridge the miles with warm and cute cards.
  • Poems & Quotes: A soulful poem or a humorous quote describing the bond friends share would work wonders for a card. If ‘less is more’, is your style then this category would be perfect to create some special cards.
  • More than Friends: They are not just your best friend but your partner too. What more could anyone ask for? Design some romantic yet punny cards for users to send to their special someone who is also their closest friend to let them know how much they mean to the user. Cards which capture the essence of a friendship which culminated into a relationship are ideal for this section.
  • Friendship Thoughts: Help users express their heartfelt feelings with some meaningful and touching cards in this section.
  • Flowers: Friends are the flowers in the garden of life, beginning with a seed of trust, nurtured with laughter and tears, growing into loyalty and love. Design some cards with virtual flowers for a user to send out to a friend and make them feel special and loved.
  • Between Women: We all are incomplete without our girlfriends. Don’t you agree? Without them we would have no one to do so many things with. Depict warm thoughts and wishes in your cards to touch the recipient’s heart, to make her feel precious and fill her day with lots of smiles.

Hope this blog inspires you to design some really uber cool and fantastic cards for our users. Once Friendship day is over, you could modify your cards and upload them in the Friendship section for sends throughout the year.

Happy designing!

Wishing you all a Happy Friendship Day in advance. May you have a legendary one with your besties!