Tips to Write St. Patrick’s Day Ecard Messages

Tips to Write St. Patrick's Day Ecard Messages

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that combines both religious sentiments as well as highlights the fun elements. As such messages on St. Patrick’s Day ecards must reflect both emotions. Different sub-categories allow visualizers to choose the theme of the ecard and draft a suitable message.

Here are some quick tips to write the apt messages based on popular sub-categories:-

Happy St. Patrick’s Day:

This can cover a range of messages from blessings to fun and from cute to warm wishes. This is a generic sub-category where the audience is looking to wish people a great holiday! Messages can have references to popular St. Patrick’s Day activities such as parades, consuming green beers etc.


The messages for Love remain on the same lines as other romantic ecards but with an Irish context.  They can be associated with Irish elements such as the Pot O’Luck or the lucky charm.

St. Patrick's Day ecard by Ashupatodia
St. Patrick’s Day ecard by Ashupatodia

Irish Blessings:

These ecards cover religious blessings to popular Irish blessings. If one particular blessing has been used in a card it is best to use others as repetition will lead to user dissatisfaction. The quotes shouldn’t be used in isolation and must be in line with the concept and followed by a personal message.

Bit O’ Fun:

This section is meant for the funny ecards. The messages can be lighthearted, wacky or casual as suitable for friends. They should reflect good humor on the holiday.

The most important take away is that the cards must have a concept. Messages flow in with the concept and make it ideal to send to friends & family.