Elements/ Ideas For Easter Ecards 2015

Easter Sunday is celebrated by Christians as the day of the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Thus this holiday holds religious significance. Celebrations include special church service, family get-together and Easter parades in some cities. Since Easter marks the end of Lent (a period of repentance) hence it is celebrated with feasts and family reunions.

1) Religious Images and Religious Quotes:

The religious aspect of the holiday must be reflected in ecards and hence the use of images of Jesus or the Cross has become important. Images of churches or paintings can also be used. Quotes or verses from the bible or other religious messages may be included in ecards but must be followed by a sender receiver message for the holiday. Smooth transitions and connectivity in visuals as well as messages are vital. Candles may also be used in the religious Easter ecards.

2) Easter Egg:

Easter egg is symbolic to fertility and renewal. Apart from the religious significance it is an important part of modern day celebrations. Exchanging Easter eggs, painting Easter eggs, chocolate eggs and egg hunts are what most people engage in. Egg hunt games or paint the egg are good ideas to be used in sections such as Easter Wishes, Fun and Friends. There is a special section called Egg Hunt especially dedicated to this.

3) Easter Basket:

Easter basket is usually decorated to carry the eggs and other candies in. Candies and chocolate Easter eggs are popular treats for children and can be incorporated in cards for Wishes, Family, Specials, Weekend, Gifts etc.

4) Easter bunny:

The history of Easter bunny is debatable as there are many theories behind it. However it too represents fertility. Stories for kids highlight the Easter bunny carrying baskets full of eggs to deliver to children. It is a cute animal and is loved by users. It is perfect to use in cards for Wishes, Fun, Love.

5) Spring:

Easter falls in the season of Spring and just as Easter signifies resurrection of Christ, spring brings in new life. The use of flowers especially Easter lily is very common in Easter ecards and enhances the overall look and color of the ecard. Can be used in cards for most sections.

6) Rising Sun:

The Rising sun too is symbolic to the holiday and popularly used in ecards. The new rays bring in fresh hopes and new beginnings. Can be used in cards for various sections.

7) Family celebrations:

Like any other holiday, Easter is a time of getting the family together for celebration and prayers. Family lunches, dinners and get-together are popular holiday rituals. This can be reflected in cards for Wishes, Family, Friends and Weekend

Messages in ecards:

These must differ according to the card type. Religious ecards should include blessings and wishes for positive and renewed beliefs. Ecards meant to send across wishes for the holiday must have a cheer element in them and evoke positive emotions. Fun ecards can be funny and visually in line with the message.

Easter is an important holiday for sending wishes and has religious significance incorporating multiple elements that can be used to translate the sender’s emotions.