A Month Of New Beginning And New Opportunities

2019 has zoomed past fast. It has been an exciting year filled with interesting events and festivals and we believe you had a great time too enjoying this festive season creating some amazing cards for our users across the globe. As we leap to a New Year, it’s time to kick start this year with a vengeance. The first month of the year represents new beginnings and new possibilities with endless events and occasions to keep you occupied for the rest of the month.

1st January marks the beginning of a New Year with new hope, new excitement, new dreams, and new goals to look forward to, cherishing the old memories of the past year and strive towards exploring your creative mind in creating more unique cards for our users.

Cuddle Up Day (Jan 06)is another celebrated event that signifies the warm touch of our loved ones or a tight hug wrapped with love can easy out the day’s stress and make you feel special. We hope your cards can touch a chord with our users and make them feel special on this day.

Orthodox Christmas (Jan 07) is another popular holy festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ with traditional customs and the ‘Feast of Nativity’. The cards for this festive occasion must contain the elements of Christmas, vibrant colors, hymns and Lord Jesus in your cards.

Orthodox New Year (Jan 14) marks the beginning of a joyful New Year by the Julian calendar. This traditional holiday is widely celebrated in many countries. Make sure you use the elements of celebrations, joy that our users can send to their loved ones.

Martin Luther King Jr Day (Jan 20) is celebrated to honor the legacy of this brave leader. His righteousness and justice had brought a great difference in the life of many. Make sure your cards portray the themes that speak of righteousness, pride and justice with the right form of music that emphasizes pride and respect for him.

Send a Hug Day (Jan21) – Hugs is the best way to convey your emotions and love to your near ones and make him feel special. Be it a friend, family or your beloved, a warm cozy hug can easily melt any one’s heart. This allows you to experiment with the various sub-categories of hugs and try out innovative ways to convey the love for your loved ones.

Compliment Day (Jan24) is the time to let those beautiful and wonderful people in your lives know how much you think of them. It’s the best way to create innovate and praiseworthy cards that one can be sent to their near and dear ones and make them feel special.

Chinese New Year (Jan 25) celebrates the beginning of a new year and is referred to as the spring festival in Mainland China. It’s the time to greet everyone with a warm Gong Xi Fa Cai and wish them good luck and good fortune. To add a festive touch to your cards, make use of the traditional Chinese elements such as Chinese paper lanterns, firecrackers and flowers including kumquat, bamboo, sunflowers; Chinese zodiacs, spring couplets written with black ink on a red paper dragon, and gold coins.

With so many events to focus on for the month of January, I’m sure you are as excited as we are. Also apart from the popular events don’t forget to upload cards for the monthly events such as Season’s Greetings, winter, Happy Holidays and Holiday Thank You.

Last but not the least; we would like to thank all our studiotors for their continued contribution and efforts in making this studio a success. We look forward to seeing some more fun in this New Year in creating amazing ecards for our users. Keep the fun element alive in yourself and keep designing.


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