It’s Time To Celebrate Love

The month of January has been an extremely overwhelming month full of occasions and festivities. As we gradually move towards the end of the month, we could all feel the season of love is fast approaching.

Every month of the year has its essence, warming up our hearts and souls with numerous events and festivals and gives us a reason to celebrate the days with our loved ones. Similarly like all the other months, February is a month dedicated to love and romance and celebrates those special bonds of relationship and makes us identify the best self of ourselves. It is the time we celebrate the most romantic festival Valentine’s Day remembering love and the importance of having someone in our lives.

The month of love is celebrated through a week long expression of emotions with each day dedicated to different element of love in the form of Rose Day(7th February), Propose Day(8th February), Chocolate Day(9th February), Teddy Bear Day(10th February), Promise Day(11th February), Hug Day(12th February), and Kiss Day(13th February). The beautiful display of love through these days gives a chance to make up for the lost time and to show that we care for those special people in our lives.

Valentine’s week symbolizes a perfect display of love in different forms. What better way can you express the different colors of love other than the beautifully crafted ecards? Yes, u heard it right! Tiny, personal gestures such as sending a beautiful ecard is a wonderful way to lift up the spirit of the person and can make them feel very special and loved. So, while creating ecards for this romantic occasion make sure you keep all the below pointers in mind:

  • Upload cards for all the individual days of the Valentine’s Week
  • Love is not confined within the periphery of a romantic relationship. Rather, it is extended to the love you have for your family and friends.
  • Roses symbolize love, so you can go creative in including different colors of roses with a beautiful message to connect with our users.
  • Creating themed cards with a romantic declaration can strike a chord with our users.
  • Using cute elements such as teddies, chocolates and other attractive elements with soft pastel shades is more likely to be loved by our audience.
  • Research on love quotes that go best with your card.
  • Along with the visuals, your card message has to be the selling point.

However, Valentine’s Day being the primary event of the month, the journey of celebration doesn’t stop here. As we take a step a little further, it takes us to another important and memorable event of the month The International Friendship Week, as we celebrate the beautiful and noble bonds of friendship with our loved ones.

With so many exciting events coming up, I’m sure you are equally excited to contribute this love season as we are excited to see some amazing creations from your end.

Wish you all the best. Happy February!


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