October is here!

Breaking out of sweater, boots and pumpkin recipes, October is a beautiful month to embrace this fall season. The autumn foliage paves the way for plenty of events and festivals to keep you entertained the whole month. With so many events knocking at the door, we are unable to hold on to the excitement and decided to offer a heads up on the upcoming events in the months to come. Some of the interesting events to focus on this month are Canadian Thanksgiving, Boss’s Day, Sweetest Day, and Halloween. Apart from the popular events, the monthly events including the Cookie Month, National Dessert Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month hold equal precedence.

With so many interesting events coming up, make sure you make the best of this time and surprise us with innovate and eye-catching e-cards for our users. Let’s have a rundown at the popular events for this month in more detail.

Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 14, 2019)

Thanksgiving or sometimes called the Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October every year as an official statutory holiday. The day celebrates the good harvest and good fortunes of the past year and the people offer thanks to the Almighty over a delicious feast of roasted turkeys, pumpkin pies and desserts.

To celebrate this special occasion of Thanksgiving make sure your cards have all the essential elements that speak of love, harvest, joy, prosperity, autumn leaves, and themes depicting the spirit of Thanksgiving. Make use of red, yellow and orange colors with a message to connect and express their happiness in being a part of their life.

Boss’s Day (Oct 16, 2019)

The National Boss Day is celebrated as a special day to show appreciation to their bosses and to improve the liaison between the employers and their staff. It’s the time when we praise the supervisors for their hard work and dedication they put through in their daily lives.

While creating Boss’s Day ecards make sure your cards have a fun element to lighten his/her mood at work or some kind of appreciative or inspiring ecards to make them know how they inspire you to become a better person.

Sweetest Day (Oct 19, 2019)

Originated in Cleveland, Sweetest Day is celebrated with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, greeting cards, hugs, kisses and sweet thoughts. It is the perfect day to express your love to the sweetest person you know with warm wishes.

To make the day special for our users, the cards must imbibe sweetness with ‘romantic messages’, ‘hearts’, ‘kisses’, ‘hugs’, and ‘teddy bears’. You can also make use of heart-shaped chocolate boxes, flowers to convey the right emotion through your cards.

Halloween (Oct 31, 2019)

It is the most celebrated festival in Canada and the United States. The day is dedicated to remembering the dead and departed souls. People celebrate the day by wearing spooky costumes, pumpkin carvings for Jack- o lantern, lighting bonfire, playing tricks or treating, visiting haunted houses and eating sweet treats.

Halloween is the biggest festival of the month, so don’t be afraid to create the most spooktacular greeting to thrill the users. Use your creativity with elements of fun, sweetness and spookiness in your cards to connect with the users. You can choose from the varying categories ranging from a haunted house, Jack-o-lantern, Thank you to witches, horror, bewitched lovers, trick or treat and Spine Chilling fun. This time dare to experiment in adding the element of fear and spookiness in your cards.

Cookie Month

The fall season creates a perfect atmosphere for great baking and at the same time, it also happens to be the National Cookie Month. It’s a perfect time to celebrate the month with sweet-savory, chocolate cookie and other sweet treats. The cards in this category must have all the necessary elements to help our users express the joy with their loved ones.

National Dessert Month

For all the dessert lovers, National Dessert Month is celebrated to appreciate your sweet tooth. This is celebrated in the United States allowing all the dessert lovers to indulge in sweet treats of their choice or bake one of their favorite desserts. Make sure you infuse the element of sweetness in the cards with a sweet message which the users can share with their loved ones.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Organized by the Breast Cancer Charities in America, this Day aids to create awareness of this disease and educate the people about the importance of getting screened breast cancer early. The ecards created in the section is meant to generate awareness among the women and also spread the word to take care of their health.

With so many interesting events around the corner, we hope to see more innovative and praiseworthy cards to excite our audiences. This festive season is the perfect time to come up with new ideas that will subsequently help you to increase your card sends and maximize earnings. Watch out this space for more interesting updates and contest in the coming months.

Keep your festive spirit high with great creations.


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