Patterns And Palettes Inspired From The 80s

From pretty pastels to electric hues, color schemes from the 80s have been gaining serious fabulous-ness yet again. We do generally see the abstract & geometric patterns and palettes inspired from the 80s move from the fringes into the mainstream as well. These trends add a visual excitement as well as an 80s retro touch to all its designs.

Trends come and go in a zap. But what stays, stays for a longer period of time. So, today we are going to share some ideas which went totally crazy during the 80s.

From bright colors to abstract designs, there were lots of things which got featured during this time period. For many of budding designers out here really wants to know what makes this time a total boss plus it would be a nostalgic ride to the designers who are from the 80s. So stay tuned!

  1. Using Old is NEW Concept: The 80s were the time of all things retro and now bringing back the nostalgia we are seeing these designs yet again from websites to an app to ecards. You name it and it all there. These Old, New style has the potential of turning anything stylish and retro with the help of some trendy typography. Take a look at this picture below which implicates the 80s theme perfectly. Creating such feels in our ecards could help us to grab more attention of the Old is New people.

  1. Using Patterns & Shapes creates visual interest: As a kid, Geometric shapes and patterns were always loved by each one of us. This little and intricate patterns can make a huge difference while serving a transitional element in terms of designing an ecard. Determining options like:
  • Using the pattern if the design is clean and organized and something in the background doesn’t create a gap between the content and the design.
  • Using geometric shapes to add a bold, pop of color to a photo or the overall design of an ecard. We can refer these designs at


  1. Using Memphis Designs: For those who don’t know what a Memphis is, it’s a style which really flat and features vectorized elements what we usually see in cartoon style designs. Now, the Memphis designs are loaded with colorful elements and with lots of shapes and lines and are really fun to work with. This style was firstly curated by a bunch of interior designers who worked in Memphis back in the 1980s. These styles are light, fun and attention-grabbing and if being used for an ecard it’s surely going to gain a lot of views and sends.

  1. Using Cute Infographic style: Many 80s styles include lots of cute little icons on their platform. From tiny baby hands to pineapple prints to sunglasses on a beach were a ‘thing’ back in the 80s. It’s all re-emerging and that too with a boom. Using so many independent colors, lines and patterns to design your piece were extremely easy. Using these themes can not only uplift the visual appearance of your ecards but may also be liked by many of our ardent users.

  1. Using Bold Colors for the screens: Bright color schemes have been growing in popularity, choosing one for the ecards might now like by all but would definitely pull up the leverage button during festivals such as on Christmas, Halloweens, New Years to name a few. This also sets it apart from being sticking to the natural response to all the black and white palettes that seemed to be on every other design at the height of the minimalism phase. The shift is allowing you all too really play with the design more and exhibit more creative color freedom.

To sum it up, we would like to say that 80s designs are making a great comeback because this style takes us back to those pop culture days. Call it a generation nostalgia or whatever it may be so, it’s the style which decides whether to stay or to go. All we can do is to embrace them. So, enjoy the 80s trend until then,

Happy Editing!