Mother’s Day Contest

Love, strength, selflessness, grace and beauty are just some of the remarkable things mothers are made of. With Mother’s Day approaching in less than a month we asked some of our employees at 123Greetings what they had to say about their moms. Here’s what they said:

“The person I am today has everything to do with how my mum raised me. She’s a feisty, career-driven superwoman and I have her to thank for my work ethic. Mum taught me to never say “I can’t” do something because our words have the power to affect our reality. Twenty years and countless hurdles later, I still find myself checking negative thoughts whenever I begin to doubt my abilities. In a way, her advice helped me discover the infinite magic of self-belief.” – Jessica

“The older I get the more appreciation, admiration and gratitude I feel for my mother. “If you want something, ask for it. Nothing will be handed to you just because you want it.” This advice has helped me become the strong, independent person I am today. She taught me to have gratitude – when times were good and more when times were not so good. She said that’s the time I would grow as a person the most.” – Emma

“My mother’s caring and unconditional love for me is something which keeps me going in life. Her faith in me and constant motivation to believe in myself and achieve my dreams no matter how tough the situation gets is something I will always be thankful for.” – Andrew

“I have always seen my mother work hard and that is one quality I inherit from her. She always told me that hard work and dedication never goes to waste. I learnt to handle all situations with ease. This has helped me progress at work and build on my relationships.” – Maggie

“Mum is someone who is irreplaceable. Her timely hugs, scrumptious hand cooked meals, love and support, her being there when I have been sick and her simple presence makes life better. “Do things with love and sincerity and be honest to yourself” are words of hers which will always stay with me. One day is not enough to celebrate her existence.” – Ashton

Didn’t these little notes make you want to go hug your mother right away?

To add to these fuzzy emotions we have come up with a contest for Mother’s Day. We hope these thoughts help you create some personalized and warm cards for your users to send out to their mothers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Winning Criteria:

A. Visualizer with highest US+CA sends for Mother’s Day category (excluding sends on cards for Thank You sub category): $100

B. For cards that have US+CA sends > 500 and the highest conversion in the same sub category (Each visualizer is eligible to win in maximum of 2 sub categories, post which the reward will be passed on to the next in line):

  • Friends: $20
  • Family: $20
  • Flowers: $20
  • Special Moms: $20
  • Love You Mom: $20

C. For cards that have US+CA sends > 300 and the highest conversion in the same sub category (Each visualizer is eligible to win in maximum of 2 sub categories, post which the reward will be passed on to the next in line):

  • Hugs: $20
  • Between Women: $20
  • Make Her smile: $20
  • First Mother’s Day: $20
  • Fun: $20

(Winner of criteria A is not eligible for criteria B and C).

(Winner of criteria B is eligible for criteria C).

Contest Dates:

Dates for Uploads: April 14, 2017 – May 12, 2017.

Dates for calculation of card sends: May 1, 2017 – May 16, 2017.


  • Minimum of 3 cards to be submitted.
  • All 3 cards to be submitted in different sub categories of Mother’s Day for the contest.
  • The winners will be declared to the community via social media/ emails/ blog.
  • All cards must be new, suppressing old cards and re-uploading them will not be considered.
  • The winners will win vouchers from Amazon or Ebay (depending on their location) or the option to be added to monthly payments (for Payment Plan visualizers only).

Good luck with the contest! We can’t wait to see your creations pour in for all the wonderful mothers out there.

Happy designing!

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