It’s Humor Month!

National Humor Month was conceived as a means to heighten public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor. Laughter and joy lead to improved well-being, boosted morale, increased communication skills and an enriched quality of life.

It’s no coincidence that the month begins with April Fools’ Day, a day soaked in frivolity and merriment for hundreds of years, and goes on to Celebrate Laugh Week which lasts till April 7.

The curative power of laughter and its ability to relieve debilitating stress and burnout may indeed be one of the great medical discoveries of our times.

Let’s look at some ways you can make your users laugh louder and pass on your ecards to spread the infection called laughter.

  • Include funny animated characters/ animals saying a joke or making funny faces to make the receiver smile and forget a hard day’s work.
  • Characters doing a funny dance or singing a funny song is another element you can use to create humor.
  • Jokes and pranks would play a major element in your cards.
  • Ensure your cards are a canvas of bright colors and fun quirky elements.
  • Messages could range from inspirational words such as ‘life is better when you are laughing’ or a tongue twister to tease a friend about their inability to say one or a silly confession to a loved one which would make him/ her laugh.
  • Needless to say the music should be peppy and lively to get the sender and receiver in a jovial mood.
  • The idea is to understand the sender-receiver relation and address their needs in the card.

We hope these pointers help you to create some really cool and easy breezy ecards for our users. Help users de-stress with your cards this humor month and send them out to their loved ones for them to laugh louder and smile bigger.

So let the sense of humor in you take control and whisk up some exciting and fun loving cards. It is a great opportunity to prove your caliber as a visualizer and to display an understanding of human expressions and design techniques. It will also help diversify your portfolio and attract a large user base.

From all of us at Studio, hope your days our filled with love and laughter!

Happy designing!

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