An Eventful Month

A new month. New opportunities.

August is going to be one busy month for you folks as it has numerous events in need of your creative geniuses. Apart from the daily events, we have four month-long ones!

Here’s a little input from our end about these events to help mobilize your thinking process.

Smile Month

A smile is the curve that sets things straight. It is the best way to perk up someone’s day and the easiest method of spreading happiness. Help your users spread smiles and giggles to brighten up their loved ones’ days through your warm, witty ecards.

August Flowers

Sunflowers, daffodils, orchids, gladiolus and poppies are the most popular August flowers. Create some special cards with these pretty blooms so that your users can share them. Be it someone special or a family member, one would love to receive a pretty floral card with a heartwarming message.

Hug Month

Imbibe some virtual hugs in your cards as this month is the perfect time to get cozy with your sweetheart, catch up with family and friends and tell them how much you care. Create such warmth, that the receiver feels that tight squeeze from his/ her loved one on receiving the card.

Romance Awareness Month

What better than an entire month dedicated to love and romance? The month of August is also Romance Awareness Month which allows you to create some super romantic and mushy cards for your users to help them express their emotions to their sweethearts. Help your users to make it a memorable, magical and special one for their better halves.

We hope to see at least one ecard for each month event. This would not just help us but expand your portfolio as an artist as well. It’s a win-win!

Apart from the above events, do check out our events calendar to have a look at the upcoming events. Don’t miss out on the chance to experiment with some new events and diversify your portfolio.

P.S. Summer lasts till September 22, so if you haven’t checked out our summer blog on how to create some memorable summer cards yet, read it now and put up some fun summer cards as well.

Hope you have an exciting August and Happy designing!

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