Let’s Be Grateful This Month

Two simple words – Thank You – can make all the difference in our lives. We often tend to overlook and forget to thank our near and dear ones for the things they do for us. Being grateful to someone not only makes them feel appreciated but makes one happy too. Research shows that grateful people are happier and more likely to maintain good relationships in their personal and professional life.

Before we go ahead with the blog, all of us at Studio would like to express our gratefulness and thank each and every artist out there who puts in her/ his utmost effort and sincerity into creating and giving us unique and wonderful ecards.

And now to how we can help others be grateful, here are some of the sub-categories where you could experiment with and create some great Thank You cards for your users.

Birthday: Birthdays are but of course extremely special and the cause of so much warmth and affection. Ever wondered what makes this day so very meaningful? It is the fondness and the warm wishes of our loved ones that make this day truly special for us. Imagine a birthday without wishes from friends and family?! It would be the most bizarre thing ever! Create cards that our users can share to thank all who made their birthday a celebration in the truest sense.

Ecard by poppies

Wedding & Anniversary: One’s wedding is one of the most cherished moments in his or her life and yet again, it is family and friends that make it what it is. Design cards that show gratitude for all the blessings, love and warmth which are showered on the newlywed couple or the couple celebrating their years of togetherness. Imbibe the joy and gratitude which couples feel on this day and create cards which allow them to thank their folks.

For Your Love: Being in love is the most beautiful feeling and when you want to express your appreciation and fall short of words then thank you cards work their magic to express gratitude. Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal, surprising you on occasions, those timely hugs, watching the game with you or accompanying you on your shopping sprees, your partner truly makes life better just by being there. So, go ahead and express these emotions for our users and make it easier for them to thank their better halves.

Ecard by swracrafts

Friends: We all want to thank our friends for tolerating our idiosyncrasies and crazy habits. A friend is someone who loves you for who you are and is there for you, come hail come storm. Capture these raw emotions in a Thank You card for a friend.

Ecard by poppies

Family: Family stands by us despite our faults. They forgive us when we make mistakes and love us unconditionally. Design some cards for your users which they could send to their family and appreciate their presence in their lives.

Ecard by hopskip

Invitations: Parties are so much fun and it is always exciting to get an invitation for one. Help our users express their gratitude to their host for thinking of them and for all the effort they put in to organize something special.

Congratulations: Whether it is getting a new job, achieving a first in one’s degree, winning a game, being finally hitched to one’s childhood love or having a baby, you tend to feel happy once your loved ones start congratulating you for the same. Create cards that our users can use to thank their loved ones for commending their achievements and for helping them celebrate the good times.

At Work: A simple thank you to teammates or subordinates goes a long way in your career. Acknowledging the work of employees is the mark of a true leader. Create some motivational and inspiring thank you cards which users can send to their colleagues and peers for being grateful for the work they do.

Ecard by badpoetry

Hope this inspires you to create some heartwarming thank you cards for our users. We are sure that these cards would be an instant hit amongst our users and they too would appreciate your thoughtfulness. To add to this, these cards would be available for sends throughout the year which will help you to capitalize on your earnings!

Happy designing!

What are you grateful for? Tell us in the comments.

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