Elements For Creating A Great 4th Of July Card


4th of July is here in two weeks. While we are really looking forward to bringing out the grill and indulging in a cookout and definitely the fireworks, we are keener to see your lovely ecards, our users can share to commemorate this day.

Here are 5 tips to help you create some wonderful ecards for the Fourth of July.

Design elements: The American flag, fireworks, parades, barbeques, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions and political speeches and ceremonies are the elements commonly associated with the Fourth of July. Decorative elements such as streamers, balloons and red, white and blue clothing can be used to add some pop to your cards. Stars and stripes are a prominent feature in the American flag and should be used to perk up your cards. Choose your elements wisely so that it stirs up happiness and pride for the state.

Ecard by kizbarry

Colors: Red, white and blue are the prominent colors for the day. Derived from the American flag red stands for hardiness, white signifies purity and innocence while blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice! There is little room to move around with these colors and hence we would love to see how you could experiment within these restrictions. If you are using fireworks in your card, you could use a black background otherwise avoid using black as a background. Star spangled text with the American flag in the background would work well.

Emotions: Fourth of July is a day to express love and pride for the nation. It is a day of freedom and celebration. Your cards should dwell upon the true meaning of American freedom. The idea is to share joy and good wishes on this holiday. Users would want to send across celebratory messages to their near and dear ones, thank someone who made their Fourth of July special, send a birthday wish to a loved one celebrating his or her birthday on Fourth of July, or send some inspirational wishes to a friend. Your cards should serve these emotions.

Music: Needless to say the music should suit the event – patriotic songs and tunes, sound of fireworks bursting in the background and a mix of drumbeats and trumpets would be ideal for your cards.

Ecard by simpydesigns

Overall presentation: Elements such as card design and music is important but the key is to understand your target audience, the sender-receiver relationship and to address their needs in the card. All the above elements should express love and pride for the state. Celebrate the spirit of red, white and blue in your cards. Stick to a single image with a crisp message for postcards. If you’re card is a flash card then feel free to use a mix of elements and play with your animation, though ensure that your animation is smooth.

Let the flame of freedom shine bright and let your ecards do the talking! Log onto your Studio account and start designing Fourth of July ecards now.

Wishing you all a Wonderful and Happy Fourth of July!

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