123Greetings Studio – Behind The Scenes

123Greetings Studio - Behind the Scenes!

As you well know, 123Greetings is rooted in helping to create meaningful connections. For more than a decade we‘ve been bringing people together through expressions of happiness, laughter and love through our words and artwork. Furthermore, we decided to take our efforts to make 123Greetings Studio a more thoughtful place to the next level.

123Greetings Studio offers an environment that inspires creativity and rewards its visualizers. We are proud to provide challenging and rewarding work in a variety of functional areas requiring fresh ideas from many different perspectives.

Most importantly 123Greetings Studio is proud to offer all our Visualizers a path to professional success. These are the benefits that the visualizers enjoy – behind the scenes!

  • We know that when choosing a place to build a career, you have to weigh everything a company has to offer. Our Studio has one of the largest collections of greetings on the web that have been designed by talented visualizers from all over the world. 
  • 123Greetings Studio is made up of independent thinkers, technologists, designers and most importantly our visualizers – working collaboratively to do compelling work, create cool stuff and inspire each other.
  • It gives you the challenge to showcase your creativity by providing expressions for different holidays, events and customs, while competing with a  diverse pool of creative thinkers.
  • Furthermore 123Greetings Studio allows  visualizers to have creative freedom, they can work as and when they like and submit content based on what they see fit. All they need to do is a bit of multitask and isn’t that what visualizers love to do most?
  • Moreover it’s a great payoff, getting paid for expressing yourself! Like anything, hard work is needed for freelancing to be successful. Having said that it is equally challenging for a visualizer as they constantly have to learn new softwares, stay on top of the trends, be consistently creative and when they have time, live their daily lives.
  • Our Visualizers adorn many roles, wear different hats and face many challenges daily.

Ecards are a fun and easy way to show your thoughtfulness and that’s the reason why our Studio is   ‘THE PLACE’ where one can pen their imagination and creativity with full liberty. We understand that you want to grow professionally, and we want you to do that with us!