Contest for Anniversary Ecards

Contest for Anniversary Ecards

August is a popular month for weddings in U.S.A and weddings lead to anniversaries! Summer weddings have a charm of their own which is why many people choose this season to have their ceremonies. Whether it’s church weddings, beach weddings or even small beautiful ceremonies at the park, the cheerful season adds to the merriment.

Let’s give our users more ways to celebrate this life-changing day with beautiful new Anniversary ecards!

Participation dates:

  1. Card sends calculated from August 5 to September 5
  2. For Cards created from August 5 to August 31

Winning Criteria:

1) US+CA [Send]

(excluding To A Couple and Thank You sub-categories)

Winner (Highest US+CA sends) = $60

1st Runner up (Second highest US+CA sends)= $25

2nd Runner up (Second highest US+CA sends) = $25 (only for Reward Plan visualizers)

2) US+CA [Conversion on sends]*

(including To A Couple but excluding thank you sub-category)

Winner (highest conversion% US+CA ) = $25

1st Runner up (highest conversion% US+CA) =$25 (only for Reward Plan visualizers)

*(If these are same as any of the above winners, will be passed on to the next in line)

3) Global [Sends and Conversion in specified sub-categories]

#(Eligible to win in more than one sub-category) 

Card that reaches over 300 global sends and have the highest conversion among other cards in the same sub-category will win $10.

Anniversary> Gifts

Anniversary> Flowers

Anniversary> Belated

Anniversary> Milestone

# (Winners for these will be chosen among the ones who have not won any award under criteria 1 & 2)


Minimum of 4 and Maximum of 15 cards to be submitted for Anniversary

At least 4 cards to be in different sub-categories of Anniversary

Winners will get Amazon vouchers!

This contest gives special opportunities to our budding Reward Plan participants to help them get a head start and early wins. So let the creative juices flow and Good luck!