Contest For Raksha Bandhan Ecards

Contest for Raksha Bandhan ecards

123Greetings Studio is celebrating the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan in style. The holiday that binds brother-sister love is celebrated throughout the country as well as by the Indian diaspora living abroad.

Your cards will be sent to make someone’s day memorable and what’s more the card sends will qualify for the ongoing contest as well as your incentive plans – Reward Plan or Payment Plan. That’s twice the Fun and twice the earnings! What’s more is that you learn about a new culture while doing so and display your versatility to the users. This is indeed the beauty of our platform where there are no boundaries for expressions. By making cards for global events, you get to learn about other cultures and customs, which may prove to be quite fascinating.

How to participate?

– By uploading new Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi ecards) from August 15 till August 25, 2015.

– Must research about the event to understand its ethos and customs

Winning Criteria (excluding Interactive Rakhi cards)

A) Maximum Sends*: (excluding Happy Raksha Bandhan and Thank you)

For cards having sends > 50

  1. Highest (USA + Canada) sends : $20
  2. Highest  (ROW)# sends: $20

(If this is the same as the first winner, will be passed on to the next in line)

#ROW: – Rest of the world

B) Maximum Conversion*: (including Happy Raksha Bandhan but excludingThank you)

          For the card that has Global sends > 500

  1. Winner : $20
  2. 1st Runner up: $20 (only form Reward Plan visualizers)

    For the card that has USA + Canada sends > 250
  3. Winner: $20

(If these are same as any of the above winners, will be passed on to the next in line)

 C) Global [Sends and Conversion in specified sub-categories]# (Eligible to win in more than one sub-category)

  1. For cards that have Global sends > 250 and the highest conversion among other cards in the same sub-category : $10 (for each sub-category)
  • Raksha Bandhan> Specials
  • Raksha Bandhan> Love you Bro
  • Raksha Bandhan> Fun
  • Raksha Bandhan> Miss You
  • Raksha Bandhan> Love you Sis
  • Raksha Bandhan> Thank You

(Winners of criteria A and B are eligible for this reward. Unique winner in each sub-category)

Contest Dates:

  1. Card sends calculated from (August 15 to August 31)
  2. for Cards created from (August 15 to August 25)

Please take note of the cards upload period as this determines if the card is eligible for the contest or not.


  • Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 10 cards to be submitted for Raksha Bandhan
  • At least 3 cards to be in different sub-categories for the event

Let’s get going and Good luck!