Suggestions To Optimize The Performance Of Your Ecard

If your portfolio contains ecards with impressive views, however poor sends then it’s time to assess those cards and make the necessary amendments. A poor conversion ratio indicates that the card is unable to connect with the senders, hence not sent. A perfect card is the right mix of copy, visuals, music, background, font and colors. Check to see what needs to be modified to improve its performance. Following the suggestions given below could help in creating an impact and increase your card’s conversion ratio.

Here are a few suggestions to help you optimize the performance of your ecard…

Copy:  Copy is the most important component of the card. The sender using the card content must feel an emotional connect with the receiver. Cards with simple, positive, meaningful and engaging messages are successful in creating a powerful impact. Ensure to include a copy that touches human emotions and is related to the theme of the card.

Visuals: Ecards with attractive, engaging and modern designs are more impactful. Visuals must match the theme of the card. It attracts the sender to view and send the e-card. Ensure to use high-resolution images. Images which are not clear and attractive are unable to create impact, hence not sent.

Music: Music added should complement the message. From our experience, poor music brings down the card performance. Ensure that music and visual matches the ambiance of the ecard.

Background: The default background is set to white. You can choose to upload a different background, Make sure the background you select should be of contrast to the font color so that it clearly brings out the beauty of the message.

Font Color:  The font color is the color of the message that the sender will enter when they send an ecard. The default font color is set to black. Ensure that the font color you select is legible and looks good against your background and supports the appropriate emotion of the message.

Card Category: Having a clear understanding of the card category helps in designing right. Do some research on the category that you’re planning to do an ecard on. Know your category in detail for more ideas.

Animation: Animation is good provided it complements the message. Ecards with outstanding animation are generally sent more.

The key to design a quality card is to keep it simple yet help the sender to convey the message to the receiver.