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Another Reason to Celebrate

At 123Greetings Studio we like to reward the best. In fact, the best of the best. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a contest? In that spirit, we have decided to award the best of the content in our general categories. This contest will run every month for the next 4 months and will cover multiple sub-categories. Read on for the March contest details.

Dates for Card Upload:- 1st of March 2018 to 25th of March 2018.
Dates for Card Send Calculations:- 1st of March 2018 to 31st of March 2018.

Category Sub-Category Award
Birthday Happy Birthday $50
Birthday Funny Birthday Wishes $50
Everyday Thinking of You $50
Anniversary Happy Anniversary $50
Love I Love You $50

Winning Criteria:

  • Studioator with the highest North America sends will win the award.
  • A developer can win in a maximum of two categories after which the award will be passed to the next in line.


  • NO minimum number of cards to be submitted.
  • All cards must be new, suppressing old cards and re-uploading them will not be considered.
  • The winners will win vouchers from Amazon or Ebay (depending on their location) or the option to be added to monthly payments (for Payment Plan visualizers only)

As you may have noted this is the first time that we are having a contest with no minimum number of cards to be uploaded. We are looking for your best content so Quality over Quantity! Take the time to plan and give our users some really “wow” cards.

March is also the month for a few important events so don’t miss these:-

International Women’s Day

A day to appreciate those who have the biggest but quietest influence in our lives. It can be the mother who juggles home and work beautifully or grandma who inspires you with her spirit and courage. It might be your daughter, sister or your friend! These women touch our lives and make it better! Create some warm, funny, really heartfelt cards for our users to really cherish the women in their lives on International Women’s Day. Use the color purple liberally which symbolizes women but feel free to add dashes of green for hope and yellow for a “new dawn’ in your cards.

St. Patrick’s Day

The green festival is almost here – St. Patrick’s Day! Time to wear a shamrock, hunt for four-leafed clovers and drink green beer! Make this St. Patrick’s Day special for our users to wish their friends and loved ones good luck, laughter, love and good cheer. Include elements like four leaved clovers, leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, green beer, parades and Irish blessings and make this a real fun time for our users.


Beginning with Good Friday, a time for hope, renewal of spirit, rekindling of faith and rejoicing in the triumph of the Lord, Easter is a time to get together with friends, family and loved ones. Bring alive the spirit of hope, joy and warmth in your cards. Be sure to create cards for the different sub-categories for this event as it is quite popular!

Looking forward to some fresh, magical and utterly fabulous cards from all of you!

Happy designing!

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