February Contest Results

February Contest Results

“How do I love thee?” asks a famous poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It goes on to “count the ways”. We too, at Studio, looked to our superbly talented Studioators to help our users count the ways with fresh and exciting Valentine’s Day cards. Read on below for winners of the Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year contest.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tammysartwork joined Studio at the end of December and her cards have resonated with our users. Her Valentine Pup card was the top performing new ecard we had in our most popular Valentine’s Day sub-category and won her $50.

Family : Simpydesigns wins $25 with this warm ecard.
Friends: A heartfelt card for a special friend wins Simpydesigns $20
For Him: When your love is more than you can show, OnBothSides wins $20 for this adorable wish.
For Her: OnBothSides wins $20 with the perfect ecard to tell your better half that you won the jackpot when you found her!
I love you: Tell your loved ones that they are your world with this expressive card by Teddy which wins $20.
Fun: This promise of candy wins SandraRose $15.
Hugs: RedHeadsRule wins $15 for Hugs and kisses and Valentine’s wishes.
Flowers: A simple floral card wins RedHeadsRule $10
Kisses & Smooches: BottleCapGuru wins $10 for this cutsie doggo/kitty card.
Poems & Quotes: Roses are red? Not according to this popular card by BottleCapGuru which wins $10
Specials: New artist Smitakul wins $10 for this sweet card.
Gifts: Cat love and red roses, elements of a well-liked card by Poppies wins $10

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

UniverseLover stole the show with this card featuring a cute little puppy bearing lots of good wishes. This card wins wins $25.

Formal Greetings: greetingloves wins $15 for these best wishes on Lunar New Year.
Fireworks: Clean and classy and the top card in this section, Onbothsides wins $15
Friends: AlmondTree wins $15 for this beautiful card featuring a sweet family of dogs.
Family: Mannysoriano wins $10 for his wishes to a family set in a traditional frame.

That’s all for this contest. Congratulations to the winners! Check out our new Monthly Awards for the month of March. Looking forward to some outstanding entries!

All the Best!

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