Aspire To Inspire

A few kind words, a pat on the back and a rush of motivation is all you need to get inspired.

As the title suggests, we aspire to inspire all our artists through this blog to create ecstatic content and thrill our users.

Take a look at some inspirational ecards which truly inspired us and will definitely inspire all of you to dream big and achieve more.

Inspirational ecard by AlmondTree

One of our top picks is AlmondTree’s pretty ecard — a perfect way to boost someone’s morale and make them feel amazing about themselves. The message in this card is everything a person would want to hear from their loved one. Craft such touching cards which users can send to their loved ones.

Inspirational ecard by poppies

The women in our lives do so much for us. As effortless it may seem, it does take a lot for them to keep doing without expecting anything in return. Through loving and motivational words we can definitely make them smile and take pride in themselves. Poppies’s ecard appreciating women depicts her sensitivity as an artist. Let’s create some empowering cards and motivate the women in our lives.

Inspirational ecard by Bunnieclaire

There is no shortcut to hard work and this ecard by Bunnieclaire depicts this well. The animation is clean, the colors are soothing to the eye and the message is well placed. We appreciate the hard work that all our artists have put in and encourage them to continue doing so as the seeds of hard work you sow are going to reap multiple benefits for you!

Inspirational ecard by aspirefly

Many a times people feel they are not good enough for something they want to do. They feel they lack the required skills or knowledge and refrain from taking risks in life. This ecard by aspirefly instantly pumps up a person who is low on confidence and gives them the much adrenaline rush to go out there and achieve what they set their heart on. Through this card, we also want to tell all our artists that they are amazing at what they do and they should never doubt themselves and their abilities. Create such inspiring cards for your users and encourage them through some touching words.

Inspirational ecard by Andrea1014

The message in this ecard by Andrea1014 goes out to all our artists. On the course of your journey with 123Greetings Studio, there may be times when you may not achieve your desired sends, your conversions might be low and a card you worked very hard on might not perform well. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good artist and your work isn’t worth all the hard work. Just hang in there, do your bit and we are sure gradually users would notice your cards and you would achieve high sends on them.

We hope this blog touches your heart and inspires you as a person to do well for yourself. We hope this motivates you to create some wonderful cards for our users and enthrall them with your typography, choice of words and clean images.

Happy designing!

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