Winter Magic

Goodbye fall, Hello Winter…

Winter is the time when days get colder, snow falls, lights get brighter, sweaters get bigger, books get thicker, blankets get larger, chimney gets hotter, snuggling gets nicer and hearts get closer. It is the time to make the most of the holidays, relax and spend quality time with loved ones.

Sip on some hot chocolate, put on your reading glasses as we bring you 5 tips to create some magic this winter!

Design elements: The design elements include snow, snowman, snowflakes, making paper snowflakes, hot chocolate with candy canes, box of chocolates, large sweaters, soft socks, mittens, knitted hats, reading good books and big beary hugs from loved ones. The season calls for fun activities like skiing, sleigh rides, ice skating, snow fighting with your buddies, building the snowman with your family members and simply frolicking around. It is the perfect time to relax, unwind and make the most of the holiday season. Snuggling up with a loved one near the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate, baking cookies with your family members or wrapping yourself in an extra large blanket to read a good book, packing gifts or decorating the home for the holiday season are some of the things one always looks forward to doing. Apart from using the elements stated above, get innovative and think of what you do during this season and add those elements to create magical cards.

Colors: Winter depicts sharp and clear colors in nature. Be it the stark white snow which covers everything it touches or the beautiful starry lit sky on a winter night. Other than these feel free to use festive and season colors such as red and green. The crackling fireplace can definitely be depicted in hues of yellow, orange and red. Elements such as winter clothes can be shown in bright colors too. Avoid using pastel and plain colors as it is a season filled with beautiful colors. Play around with your font type and experiment with a new festive font, white and blue backgrounds work the best for winter cards. Try something different this winter and create that warmth users are looking for.

Emotions: Winter is the time when one gets the longest holidays. It is the time for comfort, good food and warmth, it is the time for a friendly touch and conversations beside the fireplace. It is time for home. Users are looking to reconnect with family and friends; be it throwing snowballs at each other or taking part in other winter activities together. Some users want to rekindle the romance in their relationships, and are longing to make their beloved feel special through some warm and cozy cards. Don’t forget that users would need Miss You cards to send to their near and dear ones this magical season. Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to create some Thank You cards which all users would want to send to their loved ones to let them know their gratefulness for all their near and dear ones love, affection and support. Depict all the above emotions in your cards and make your cards look surreal.

You have different sub-categories to create some different winter cards, ensure that your cards serve all the above emotions.

Music: Music should be such which makes the sender and receiver of the card feel relaxed. Old classic tunes should work their charm on users. Winter is fun filled yet relaxed, warm and cozy. The music should set these emotions going.

Overall presentation: Irrespective of whatever elements, colors, music and emotion you chose, it is extremely important to seamlessly blend all and have a flawless card at the end of the day. Make sure you understand and recognize your target audience and then create the card. Winter is all about the love you share with family and friends, ensure you’re me to you messages ooze out love and warmth. Try and personalize your cards and address the needs of your users.

Winter and holidays are synonymous with each other, this is the time to prepare for Christmas and New Year. There are days when you want to stay in bed all day and laze around and there are days when you feel the festive spirit and are excited to go Christmas shopping and buy Christmas cards and gifts for your loved ones. Winter gives you not only the chance to whisk up some really great cards for the season but also prepare yourself for the upcoming festivals.

Hope the above pointers come in handy and push you to create some wonderful ecards and delight our users.

Wish you all a Wonderful, Warm and Happy Winter!

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