Let’s Express Ourselves!


Mother’s Day is almost here. Though one day is not enough to celebrate our amazing mothers, let’s take this opportunity to thank her, make her feel special, loved and cared for unconditionally.

This is just a last minute shout out from the studio team to inspire you to create some different cards before it’s time!

We love the cute, humorous and loving cards you have given us so far, however we have noticed that most of the cards have been uploaded only in the subcategories of Happy Mother’s Day and Fun.

While you’re more than welcome to choose which sub-category suits your cards the best, we would suggest distributing your cards across more categories rather than just sticking to a selected one or two for Mother’s Day. This will prevent your cards from getting lost in the crowd.

Specifically, you are free to experiment across sub-categories such as:

  • Friends: Wishing friends who are moms, you empathize with them as you do on all occasions as you both know the highs and lows of motherhood.
  • Family: Wish moms in the family like an aunt, cousin etc. You could also create cards which a mom could send to her daughter/ daughter-in-law who is also a mom. Cards with flowers would go well with the sub-category.
  • Thank You: Thank mom for all the trouble you put her through and most importantly her patience! There are a zillion things that our moms do for us, from doing our laundry, to making the most scrumptious dishes, to helping us with our homework and for being a friend forever. Thank mom for all the good and bad times where she stood by you, firm like a solid rock.
  • Special Moms: Make moms by choice (adopted/ foster parents), feel appreciated and loved. They gave you a home and made you the person you are today. Acknowledge them, love them despite the mistakes they made and celebrate the special bond.
  • Love You Mom: Don’t we want to tell her that every day? We love her for the zillion things she does for us every minute of the day. We love her for those warm, fuzzy hugs, for those timely boosts when we are low and for always covering up for us in front of others. Create cards telling your mom how much you love her, but this time express the love differently.
  • Hugs: When all else fails, hugs work wonders! Don’t they? Our moms too need our loving hugs. Create cards which will make them smile widely.
  • Make her Smile: Share those fun moments with her and make her smile. Those silly arguments, the times when she was more of a friend than a mother and when you both ganged up against Dad. Share these moments through a humorous ecard.
  • First Mother’s Day: We all with toddlers know how much of appreciation we need, so capture those moments. Every little emotion that a mother experiences with her first child would work well in this sub-category.

Here is plenty of room to take inspiration from and design! Churn those creative cells and whisk up some cards for the above sub-categories. Mothers are the reason why we have a happy life. Go back into time, reminisce all those moments and put your heart out on your cards for all the mothers out there!

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