Using Pinterest to Promote Your Ecards

Pinterest is a great platform to promote your creations and attract the right audience for ecards. The biggest benefit lies in the fact that it has a similar audience to that of The audience is mostly women of all age groups but the majority being older than 30. Pinterest, with its emphasis on visuals, is a powerful tool for showcasing and marketing your work and hence will prove to be a useful social media platform.

We have gone through getting started on Pinterest in a previous post on social media. Here are a few tips that allow you to best use your Pinterest profile:-

  • Include your studio profile link and a brief about your work on the ‘About you’ section of your profile
  • Make multiple boards to segregate your ecards
  • Add a description to each of your boards. Example – A Happy birthday board can have a collection of party ideas, your ecards as birthday wishes, etc and in the description you should write what the board contains.
  • Use Pinterest’ ‘Popular’. Similar to what’s trending, indicates the most searched things on Pinterest at the time. For example if love is the popular term then love ecards can be pinned so it shows easily on search results. Tip – Pinterest is big on love, inspiration and pets!
  • Search for upcoming events or keywords so you know what are the popular search terms. Example if you search for Mother’s Day it displays a set of items or keywords (search most in context to Mother’s day). Cards is one such keyword for this serach hence pinning Mother’s Day cards will be fruitful. Similarly searching for April showers displays ‘bring may flowers’ and we have ecards for exactly these keywords that can be pinned for maximum visibility.
  • Use these search terms as hashtags in association with your ecards
  • In the description area of a Pin use keywords to describe your cards and provide a link to your card page
  • Repin your cards from 123Greetings Pinterest board
  • Follow profiles and boards that interest you so they follow you in return.

123Greetings Studio visualizer Janice Martin also known as Bebestarr is very active on Pinterest and categorizes her work on different boards. She has a board for Everyday ecards, Inspire ecards, Humorous ecards etc. “I did follow the advice of 123G in using social media to promote my ecards and I believe it has really paid off. I chose to use Pinterest as it seems to be so popular, and also a very easy way to post all my ecards by category. Having my Studio Profile is great, but having my ecards pinned to category-specific boards is a real asset. Pinterest captures a whole new audience that may not have been familiar with ecards in general, or 123Greetings in specific.” Her about me section is short and to the point. She not only uses Pinterest to showcase her talent but to entice users to send her ecards thus increasing her popularity.

It is time for you to try this out now and explore a new opportunity!