Cheers to Motherhood!

Cheers to Motherhood

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and to make this holiday even more exciting 123Greetings Studio introduced a Mother’s Day Contest, ‘Cheers to Motherhood’. It allows you to perfectly combine your art and skills for a rewarding experience. It is a win-win situation as you give your beloved users something to cherish while benefiting from accolades and rewards along with celebrating motherhood. The contest is well underway so don’t wait much longer and get set for Mom’s special Day.

Details are below:-

Cheers to Motherhood!

Criteria for eligibility:

  • Minimum of 4 cards to be uploaded for Mother’s Day in different sub-categories of the event.
  • Maximum 13 cards per visualizer for Mother’s Day. If more than 13 cards are uploaded then only the first 13 cards starting from 10th April will be taken into consideration for calculation of card sends.
  • We will calculate the card sends from US and Canada starting from April 10 to May 12.
  • The card sends will be calculated for cards made live from April 10 to May 7, 2015.
  • Only Mother’s Day card sends will be considered for the contest.

Other Specifications:

  • Visualizer whose card has the highest conversion% (excluding thank you cards) wins a special prize of $50. However if this is the same as any of the top 3 winners, then the reward will be passed on to the next in line.
  • Winners will be rewarded with gift vouchers.
  • The Mother’s Day ecards that have the highest conversion and highest sends as on 24th April will be featured in the Special Newsletter that is emailed to over 1 million subscribers, thus helping in increasing your card sends.

So Good Luck with the contest. Share your success stories with your mom, make her proud and enjoy the day!