Most Popular Ecards for Valentine’s Day 2015

Most Popular Ecards for Valentine's Day 2015

Love is in the air and everyone is looking for the perfect expression to send to their sweethearts. With over 1,000 ecards across 19 categories available on, users are spoilt for choices. We bring to you the most popular Valentine’s Day ecards of 2015. These ecards have  been most liked by users and hence have earned this spot.

1) Valentine’s Day ecard by Jothi, Studio Visualizer

Jothi has written a perfect message in this ecard that strikes the chord with the audience instantly.  With a beautiful background setting it justifies the message visually. User comments such as, “simply excellent”, “very touching words”, highlight the beauty of this card. The music too is soft and soothing and brings out the romantic side in you.

Ecard statistics:  Rating– 4. (by 7159 users). Sends – over 660,000. Conversion- 57%

2) Valentine’s Day ecard  – A creation by 123Greetings

Valentine's Day ecard by

This evergreen flirty ecard is sure to make anyone smile. It is popular for its animations and its fun, peppy music. User comments such as, “It is so cute and cheerful”, ”makes me smile”, goes on to say how much it appeals to the audience which is probably the reason why it still remains a popular choice for the occasion.

Ecard statistics:  Rating– 4.2 (by 2300 users). Sends – over 490,000. Conversion – 43%

3) Valentine’s Day ecard by Ashu, Studio Visualizer

Valentine's Day ecard by Ashupatodia

 This ecard is aesthetically appealing and has a heartwarming message that the receiver can connect to instantly. Ashu is great with romantic ecards and proves it again with this one. This was one of the most popular ecards last year and the trend continues to grow. Some user comments on this card have been, “Love this ecard”, “It’s beautiful”.

 Ecard statistics:  Rating– 4.3 (by 749 users). Sends – over 110,000. Conversion –40%