Director’s Cut – Part 2

Director's Cut - Part 2

In last week’s post we looked at the production aspect of creating an ecard. In this post we’ll cover the post-production aspect. This involves some crucial steps that can determine its success rate.

7) Music:

Music in the card is important to set the mood of the card. Music must correlate to the type of card. Soft tunes or instrumental music would go well with romantic ecards, whereas, cheerful, peppy music would go well with a Birthday ecard. Ecards for events should depict the emotions or regional taste of the origin of the holiday.

8) Edit:

This is a crucial step. You may have put everything together but you now need to get rid of extras and polish your card. So check for clear boundaries, grammatical errors, play replay buttons. Ensure that images are not pixelated; improve the font, color, contrast, shading effects etc. In the ecard below Daftoons has used vibrant colors with a shading effect in the background and clean drawn images. To cut down on editing and rework have a clear concept right from the beginning so you work is on track and you can avoid the extra hours that go into editing.

Valentine's Day ecard by Daftoons
Valentine’s Day ecard by Daftoons

9) Effects:

In this step you can modify colors, contrast, add effects such as falling objects, cursor effects and so on.

10) Distribution:

In this stage, plan out your marketing strategy. Trailers and teasers are preludes to movies that work as their marketing strategy. You can also build a curiosity around your ecard by sharing what’s coming next via social media.  So create a buzz around your work. 

11) Release:

This is the time to promote your cards after it is made live. Use the marketing plans. Promote extensively on social media, blogs and artist communities. Use Pinterest as its users are our target audience. Use hash-tags so you are a part of a group or community and helps with search. Share your cards with friends and in turn ask them to share it. Promotion is the key as it lets people know that your card is available to be sent. 

Post this the job is done you can sit back and relax!