Marketing your Ecards on Blogs and Artist Communities

In our last two posts we looked at some exciting and easy ways to market ecards on social media. However online marketing doesn’t end here. Social media is the most popular medium but there are other mediums through which you can effectively promote your artwork.

1. Blogs/ Personal Website

Most artists now have their own personal blogs or in some cases their personal websites. You can either provide a link to your 123Greetings profile or simply write about your ecards – both old and new, your membership – your experiences benefiting from 123Greetings Studio. The advantage of blogs or personal websites is that they have the right set of people for you to target, since a common interest binds them all. The people who follow your blog or visit your website are ones who are interested in your kind of work and keep coming back to you for more of what you share with them on these platforms.
Below are some tricks to help promote your ecards through your blog/ website.

  1. In the bio section or About Me’ section on your blog or website provide a link to your 123Greetings profile to direct your viewers to your portfolio.
  2. Blog/ write about emotions, human expressions, holidays, occasions and your take on them. You will gather a fan following for your designs and users can start following you on our website and receive notifications of your new uploads.
  3. Blog/ write about your ecards – what inspired you, how you went about creating them, the thoughts that went into it, the emotions expressed and the like – providing links to them to illustrate your points. This will direct users to your cards and increase its views and its sendability.

Here is an example of 123Greetings Studio Blog that talks about Paul Solomons and his ecards. You could similarly talk about your ecards on your personal blog and provide links to them.

Blog Post on Paul Solomons

2. Artist Communities

Various artist communities or forums that you’re a part of offer you a chance to network with like-minded people, share your work with them, get their feedback and through them, increase your reach.
Participate in topics of discussions. Give your ideas and inputs to establish yourself as a knowledgeable person in your area of interest. Provide useful information which will allow more people to follow you. Also share links to your work, the members of these forums can be encouraged to like or share your work with their set of friends or fan-base. You could return the favor by doing the same for them.

All these platforms are, therefore, a great way to connect and promote your work. However, ensure your posts do not go overboard. No one wants to be constantly bombarded with self-promotion. Too much of it from your end might just put people off. The 70/30 rule can be followed; which means, only 30% of what you post should be to promote your work, 70% of your content should be information which could benefit your followers. If managed well, this would contribute to helping you gain recognition for your work, significantly increasing the popularity and sends of your ecards, and increasing the monetary rewards you receive from 123Greetings.

Money, fame and recognition are all yours!

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