Advantages of Ecards Over Paper Greeting Cards – Part 2

In the last post we covered the advantages of ecards from an artist’s perspective. Now its time to consider the popularity of ecards among users. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons…

Variety of ecards


User’s Perspective

Convenience: Ecards are easy to create/ customize. There’s no need to spend time and money in purchasing cards from a store. All that is required is to browse through the cards available on the website, select the card of your choice, enter a message and email it. It also helps you to save time by allowing you to send multiple cards at once.

Speed: Ecards are fast to deliver. There is no need to worry about delays in the postal service. Ecards are delivered instantly at the click of the button (literally!), while some websites also allow one to schedule the delivery date, to avoid last minute hassles. It is, indeed, a lifesaver for busy procrastinators.

Eco-friendly: One of the primary reasons for ecards gaining popularity over paper ones is its “green” benefits. Ecards help reduce the carbon footprint by substituting traditional paper-cards and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Cost saving: Ecards may be cheaper to send than traditional paper cards. Many websites offer free ecards so users can send wishes without money being a concern.

Accessibility: Ecards can conveniently be viewed on multiple platforms like the laptop, desktop or mobile phones. It, thus, has the ability to reach people anywhere and at anytime.

Notification: As soon as a card is viewed, the sender receives a notification. This thereby eliminates the fear about delivery failure.

Variety: From simple, yet beautiful, postcards to flash/ animated or realistic video cards, to ones incorporating interactive games, there is always something to choose that will suit both the sender, as well as, the receiver’s tastes.

Selection: It may be difficult to get a wide choice of cards in a physical store. However, in an ecard website, such as, one can get over 42,000 cards to choose from, covering almost all important occasions and holidays. Cards made especially for particular relationships, such as, father-son, sister-brother, colleagues, friends, and even in-laws are easy to find.

Customization/ personalization: Ecards offer a host of solutions to add that personal touch to one’s cards – the ability to embed one’s pictures or video-clip on the card, to personalize the message using the font or color of one’s choice, or to add music of one’s choice are some of the options that one might not find in paper cards.

All these factors make ecards a more favorable choice over the traditional greeting cards.