Advantages of Ecards Over Paper Greeting Cards – Part 1

With the advancement of digital technology and the world-wide-web, everything seems to be moving to the digital platform, be it books, paintings, maps, to name a few; greeting cards are no exception.
Ecards are similar to postcards or greeting cards, the only difference being that they are created using the digital media instead of paper or other traditional materials. They are then made available by publishers on various internet sites. What makes an ecard so different from the traditional greeting cards is its digital content which accounts for its versatility.
Here are some advantages from the Artist’s Perspective that indicate why ecards may be preferred over paper greeting cards.

Creativity shown through ecards

Artist’s Perspective

  • Greater room for creativity: Using the ecard as your canvas allows you to experiment and be more innovative in terms of the variety and type of cards you produce, the scope of which would be limited in traditional paper cards.
  • Use of multimedia: Unlike in a paper card, the beauty of ecards lie in the fact that a mix of more than one media can be used. It is not restricted to the use of only static images and text, but can also incorporate flash or animated images or graphics and sound (recorded speech or music) to make the experience of the card richer. It allows the usage of multiple images that can take the recipient through a journey, as well as, to set the mood of the card through the usage of music.
  • Publicity: Ecards allow you to showcase your talent and get your fan-following. You could be into photography, graphic designing, animation, poetry, creative writing or musical composition; an ecard offers a common platform to showcase any or all of these talents.
  • Reach Global Audiences: The reach of ecards, because of the very nature of its medium, is not confined to a specific geographic location but extends to a global audience. This enables the artist to showcase their work to the world population online.

The above are few advantages from an artist’s perspective, but it is also important to understand why users would prefer ecards over paper cards. We’ll cover that in our next blog. So keep Reading!