Month Of Humor And Laughter

The National Humor Month is conceived as a means to promote the value of humor and in improving and enriching the quality of life. According to scientific research, laughter is a great tool to relieve debilitating stress, anxiety, boost morale and increase the overall activity of the immune cells.

Laughter and Joy are the benchmarks of humor and what better way you can begin this month than with celebrating April fool’s Day (1st April), a day which has sanctioned flippancy and amusement for several centuries by different cultures followed by a week-long Laugh Week (1st April- 7th April).

Laughter is an audible expression or appearance of merriment that helps us clarify our social intentions and provide an emotional context to the conversation. Humor can be categorized as a pun, surprise, exaggeration, silliness and put-downs. No matter whichever forms of humor you use, make sure your cards can spread joy and laughter among our users.

Here are the pointers you need to focus on to promote humor in your cards and make our users laugh louder in stressful times.

  • Include fun elements or funny animated characters to trigger humor in your cards.
  • Creating funny faces or including a funny song in the card can keep the element of laughter alive.
  • Sharing a funny joke or prank can surely make everyone giggle uncontrollably.
  • You can include a funny text in the card such as a silly confession or praising your loved one with a touch of humor to keep the fun element intact.
  • Ensure that your cards have vibrant colors and fun props to make it more appealing to our users.
  • You can create a short animated clip to create a funny story such as teasing a friend on their inability to do something.
  • Make sure the cards are lively and can instantly cheer up the mood of the receiver.

National Humor Month set a beautiful reminder to tickle your funny bone and offer a positive sense of perspective in dealing with your problems. We hope these above-mentioned pointers shall help you create more witty and fun content for our users on this platform.

This April let’s subscribe to laughter and make people find humor in their life in this difficult time through your witty curated cards. Make the best use of this opportunity to spread happiness and laughter and help our users laugh louder and smile bigger.

Cheers and Stay Safe.

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