There is a wealth of creativity in the field of invitations today and we would love to have you all explore this category on our website.

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year coming up in the next quarter it is going to be a busy season with a wide variety of opportunities and which you should definitely not miss out on. Users will be hosting parties for all these big events and need invites, so grab this chance and start designing invitations.

We are looking at revamping the entire section of invitations to serve our users better and urge you to get researching and create some easy breezy invitations.

With everything going digital today, online invites have most definitely replaced physical invites as they are not only cost effective but the user can send it out to his/her list of invitees with a single click of a button.

Other than birthday, party, business, wedding and bridal/baby showers invites, ‘Save the Date’ invites have become a trend in itself. An organized host knows to send a ‘Save the Date’ invite to make sure their guests can plan ahead. A ‘Save the Date’ invite also helps the host of the party to plan his/her party better as he/she gets a basic idea who’s going to make it and who isn’t.

While we leave it to your discretion as to what invite to create and for which sub-category, we would definitely suggest that you to focus on save the date invites and upload it under the sub-category ‘other invitations’. We would be renaming this sub-category as ‘Save the Date’ very soon.

Advantages on adding invitations to your portfolio are:

  • When a user decides to send your invite, he/ she will send it out to multiple people at a time helping you get many sends at one go.
  • The invitee would be able to see that the invite has been created by you, hence increasing your popularity as an artist.
  • Creating an assortment of relatable invites would diversify your portfolio and enhance your caliber as a Studioator.

In case you are wondering where to begin, have a look at our earlier blog with gives you great tips and ideas.

Looking forward to seeing fresh invites!

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