8 Ways To Create The Ultimate Hanukkah Greetings!

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights and Feast of Dedication, is an eight day Jewish Holiday. The word Hanukkah means ‘dedication’, the theory goes that with enough dedication and commitment, God creates miracles. Like many other faiths, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah brings light in the darkest time of the year. Being an important festival for Jews and its closeness to Christmas, it is a good opportunity to increase card sends and gain on the earnings by increasing ROW sends.

So what are the important elements associated with this holiday? We’ll cover some major ones which will help you produce some wonderful ecards.

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  • The Menorah – The lighting of the menorah is the most important Hanukkah tradition. A menorah is a candle stand with 9 branches. Each evening of Hanukkah one candle is lit with a special blessing. Include this element and a glow to your cards.
  • Dreidel – Playing with dreidel is a popular Hanukkah tradition. People play this game with a square spinning top. The game is played with pennies and candy. The player who has all the candy and pennies in the end is the winner.
  • Hanukkah Food – Fried foods are traditional during Hanukkah in remembrance of the sacred oil. Popular fried foods are Latkes (Potato pancakes) and Sufganiyot (Sweet jam filled doughnuts). Eating dairy products, especially cheese is another Hanukkah tradition.
  • Hanukkah Songs – Variety of Hanukkah songs have been composed over the years in Hebrew & English both. Research on some of the popular Hanukkah songs and add them to your ecards to give it that extra touch.

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  • Gift Giving Tradition – Usually gift giving is reserved for younger children, and the only traditional gift on the holiday is gelt (coin shaped chocolates covered in gold foil) or small amounts of money.
  • Colors And Symbol – Blue, silver and white are the Hanukkah colors and Jews fills their homes with these colored decorative items. The large Star of David is a Jewish symbol used to decorate homes and convey message of festive spirit. Hence cards should reflect these colors and symbols for people to appreciate them.
  • Hanukkah Flowers – Jewish people share the joy of Hanukkah by sending beautiful Hanukkah flowers and gift baskets to their loved ones. Since blue and white are considered colors of Hanukkah, Lilies, white and blue roses and chrysanthemums are the widely exchanged Hanukkah flowers.
  • Family Celebration – As in many other celebrations of many other cultures, Hanukkah is about family. It’s a joyous time of the year when those you love gather together to play games, share food, blessings and music. Hence this can be showed in the cards for Wishes, Family, Friends and loved ones.

So an optimum mix of all the above elements would surely help you come up with great ecards. Showcase your creativity and capitalize on your earnings! So, good luck and make the most of this festival!

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