Trending Easter Ecards at

Trending Easter Ecards

Easter, one of the most popular holidays for sending cards, is around the corner.  It is a time to assess current trends and appreciate the works of Studio visualizers who have produced wonderful ecards that have touched users’ hearts.  Among the ecards that were added this year, here’s a gist of some trending ecards. These are selected based on high conversions, giving a true picture of user preferences. These picks prove that ecards in the right sub-categories surpass expectations and appeal to the target audience.

1) Easter > Religious ecard by Ashupatodia

Apt copy and comforting visuals attract users instantly. The above card is a perfect representation of how the cards should be in the religious section. A user, Merlyn says, “This is definitely what Easter is all about, sent it to four of our friends. Absolutely beautiful!” The card copy is intelligently incorporated as it shares the essence of the holiday. This card has a conversion rate of 40%.

2) Easter> Flowers ecard by Vsilverline23k

Easter lilies are the flowers of the season. A simple short message does the trick and sends along wishes to people near and far. This ecard has worked differently with different geographies. Its overall conversion rate is 38%.

Easter ecard by Vsilverline23k
Easter ecard by Vsilverline23k

3) Easter> Family ecard by RedHeadsRule

This card uses red and gold as opposed to traditional Easter colors while the artistic Easter egg appeals to all. The background and the font is in sync with the look and feel of the card making it a great choice to send to family on Easter. A user, Miras46 comments, “Hi my friend, beautiful card you have made”. This ecard has a 31% conversion rate.

Easter ecard by RedHeadsRule
Easter ecard by RedHeadsRule

Many more Easter cards are gaining popularity this season and we look forward to an exciting week ahead on the website! Here’s wishing you all a Happy Easter!