How to Encash your Creativity

As promised, we present a synopsis of the webinar for all those who missed it and for others to refer as notes. One of the discussions we covered was “How to encash your creativity?” This is important for 123Greetings Studio visualizers to expand their reach and revenues. Below are some suggestions:-

How to Encash your Creativity

1) Self-Marketing

There were some key takeaway from the webinar. One was to promote yourself as a ‘brand’ so people recognize you and your creativity which in turn will help increase your earnings. Following are some ways to do so:-

  • Use Social Media/ Artist Communities to post and share your work frequently and across all platforms. So not just Facebook but also use Twitter and Pinterest to promote your work and attract a larger audience. You can read more on ‘Marketing your ecards on Social Media‘.
  • Popularize yourself as a creative person- Blogs. Write in your own or contribute to another blog where you can promote your work. Read our previous post on ‘Marketing on Blogs and Artist Communities‘.
  • Spend substantial time doing this. At least 10% of your time should be spent in promoting your work.

2) Diversify your portfolio

Upload cards in different formats and in different categories to prove that you are dynamic and versatile visualizer.

  • Types of cards: Postcards, Animated cards, Flash cards and Video cards.
  • Upload in General Categories + Events – to showcase to the audience that you can produce cards to suit all their needs.
  • Upload in Global Events – to reach out to a global audience. This helps increase your followers. See our events calendar to plan in advance.
  • Upload in a larger number of subcategories.

3) Adapt to the American Market

  • Modern Concepts – Try to incorporate latest fads.
  • Read about what’s trending in popular American online newspapers and websites.
  • How people in USA celebrate an event – essential to understand this and translate it in your cards.
  • Experiment with modern themes and current fads.
  • Use the language that Americans use – American English and common usage of words or phrases that the target audience can relate to.
  • Bubble Culture – Comic style, funny characters, storyline based on visuals.

These are some really useful and easy tips to maximize your reach as an ecard designer and be able to cater to the target audience. There’ll be more webinar extracts available next week. Till then try out the above tips and encash your creativity!