Tool Review : Pixlr

Tool Review : Pixlr
A friend of mine, recently in one of his “Eureka” moments, went “Dude! You’ve got to check this out!”

Feigning interest, I turned to look at his screen. “Here’s another of his tech stuff… that’s so going over my head!” I thought to myself. But I was wrong.

Just a few minutes into it and it got me glued. Like completely! Within minutes I could transform my artwork and give it so many different and interesting shades. From changing the tones, effects, adding fancy borders and overlays, creating different types of collages, adding doodle to it, to giving my text a whole new dimension – all the tools so simple and well laid out!.

Sharing the link to the tool with u guys-

Hope you have as much fun, experimenting and creating some great stuff with it, as I did!