Top 5 Events in the US for sending E-Greeting Cards

Event #1/5

Christmas Day
This holiday is positioned at the top of the chart. Lives of people across the world jingle on the occasion of Christmas and they greet each other on this special day to enhance their joy by sending best wishes greetings.

Event #2/5

On the auspicious day of resurrection of Christ, our creations help people to resurrect the many warm feelings associated to this day. Easter is the Second most popular event in the United States.

Event #3/5

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day
Bringing a smile on the face of your loved one is the greatest pleasure in the world and we offer our assistance to millions to find the perfect expression that conveys their true feelings. Valentine’s Day is the third most popular occasion in the United States.

Event #4/5

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day
No love in this world can be bigger than a mother’s love for her children and nobody will miss a chance to express affection and appreciation towards their mother, making it the fourth most popular event in the United States.

Event #5/5

Thanksgiving Day
The simplest yet the most valuable way of showing your gratitude to others for their contributions in your life, is by thanking them. Hence on this beautiful day we provide various visually delightful ways through which people can say Thank You. This is the fifth most popular event in the United States.