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*[[How to Manage or Modify an ecard]]
*[[How to Manage or Modify an ecard]]
==The Approval Process==
*[[What happens after an ecard is submitted]]
*[[Under what circumstances can an ecard be rejected]]
*[[Once rejected can an ecard be resubmitted]]
*[[When can an ecard be edited]]
==Suggesting an Event/Holiday==
==Suggesting an Event/Holiday==

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123G Studio Knowledge Base


123G Studio is a platform that helps a developer to submit an ecard for inclusion to the main system at http://www.123greetings.com Just like our in-house designers/developers you may now make your own ecard, attach music clips and request for inclusion of the same in the main system. Once included, our users will be able to view your card and send it to their near and dear ones just as they do with our existing cards.

We have created this Knowledge Base to help you provide all the information required to design, develop and submit an ecard in the format our system supports.

Working with 123Greetings Studio


Card Elements

Making an ecard

Submitting an ecard

Suggesting an Event/Holiday

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In case you are not able to get an answer to your query, kindly send the same to sharad@123greetings-inc.com mentioning your developer username or email address. We will get in touch with you at the earliest!